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The more people can be reached the more successful it will become.
The idea is to help and support people that are already having conditions with Electro(-Magnetic) Sensitivity (ES/EMS) or Electro Hyper Sensitivity (EHS) related to Electro Magnetic Fields and Radiations (EMF/EMR) (of all kinds) and to support and assist them as well as warning the ones that do not yet have problems, to stay clear of these - if at all possible. At least guide them in the right direction.

After all it is written into many constitutions that people may live in a clean and safe area.
However, sadly, this is not the way it looks at the moment !

Hope you enjoy our stay and invite more of your family and friends.
We are always open to NEW ideas and suggestions, so feel free to post them in the appropriate pages, or send a direct message or eMail to the (Group) Administrators.

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