Dental Implants and Electro Sensitivity is diagnosed as delusional and paranoid

As you read through this article, you will find the similarities of a person who suffers from electro sensitivity (ES), and those sufferers are experiencing the same diagnosis from their medical practitioners.

For instance the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, Sept. 1995, Vol. 183 (9), pp. 603-604, has a story about two males (aged 33 and 53 years old) who were labelled delusional because they complained of implants hidden in their fillings in their teeth. The article is entitled, "Delusional electronic dental implants: Case reports and literature review." The shrinks concluded the two men were obviously mentally ill and needed treatment with drugs because they are claiming that they have electronic dental implants.

Now, could this be the same for electro sensitivity sufferers?

The psychiatrists wrote that “neither had any insight into the implausibility of the delusion.” The doctors gave antipsychotic drugs, and physically intervened to “prevent an inappropriate dental extraction.” According to the article, for some unknown reason, the two men “responded poorly” to anti-psychotic drugs. It never occurs to the psychiatrists that the reason the anti-psychotic drugs didn’t work is possibly because the men’s complaints were legitimate. The two shrinks were E. Sherwood Brown and Michael T. Lambert.

There are other cases too, where people complaining of implants have been labelled “delusional” and “paranoid” by psychiatrists. The Amer. Psychiatric Assoc. is guilty of refusing to seriously review evidence that harassment and mind-control may be impacting people mentally. DSM-IV reflects this continuing refusal to accord victims of electronic mind-control any official recognition by the therapeutic community.

Based on research by Drs. W. Fry and R. Meyers, the Network has learned how to make brain lesions of a minute controlled size with ultrasonics, rather than doing a lobotomy. In 1963, Dr. Peter Lindstrom at the University of Pittsburgh was able to use a single unfocused sonic beam to destroy fibre tracts in the brain without damaging the nerve cells near them. Sonic beams (sound waves) can be used to control human thought. (We’ll discuss sonic beams some more later, now let’s delve into a key part of their electronic control—implants.)


Thousands have publicly received audio implants, and thousands have received audio implants without their permission by the insidious representatives of the agenda. The implants (whether secret or public) basically have to contain: a receiver or receivers, a processor, a transmitter, and electrodes or electrical stimulating device. When sound waves arrive to the human ear, the sound causes biological reactions all along the auditory pathwayfrom the cochlea, the auditory nerve, the brain stem nuclei and the primary cortical projection areas. Each of these areas is fair game for machinations of the mind-control researchers. There are brain stem potentials, which originate in the auditory brain stem nucleiprimarily in the inferior colliculi. The public auditory implants produce a small electrical stimulus that bypasses damaged hair cells and directly stimulates the remaining auditory neural elements. (Possibly why ES sufferers experience extreme tinnitus!)

This means that for the secret implants, the electrical impulse that is generated to stimulate the person to hear a sound or sentence is totally unnoticed by everyone but the victim. As mentioned before, psychiatrists and psychologists are being used to shut victims up, by declaring that they are crazy for claiming to hear voices. How do these psychiatrists and psychologists know that the person isn’t hearing voices from an implant?

Some psychiatrists and psychologists are declaring the implant victims are “crazy”, “delusional”, “paranoid”, and “insane”, because audio implants supposedly don’t exist, therefore it is useless to give any credence to the complaints of victims. (Of course this declaration is the same for ES sufferers!) In other words, psychiatrists and psychologists are being used as the establishment’s “witch doctors” to cover up the mind-control activities of the insidious agenda. So what’s new? Establishment shrinks helped cover up the programmed multiplicity for decades by labelling the programmed-multiple slaves and ES sufferers as “paranoid schizophrenics”.

During experiments, it was discovered that the skin of a person can pick up auditory vibrations, so tests were run to see if implants in other parts of the human body could be used for auditory implants. (Now, isn’t that interesting that many ES sufferers experience dermatology sensations!) The vibrotacticle system of the skin has an upper limit of sensitivity to 400 to 500 Hz. In contrast the auditory system had a frequency range between 20 to 20,000 Hz and an optimum range of 300 to 3,000 Hz. The auditory system had a dynamic range of 130 dB (decibels), which the vibrotactile had only a 30-35 dB range. In other words, using the skin like on the chest to send auditory vibrations to the brain was a very limited way to create sound. For most purposes it isn’t a viable approach, even though some experimental auditory implants were placed in places like the chest. The ones that were tested only reconfirmed the suspicions that the best results are by using the inner cochlea and the auditory canal area. Dr. Begich’s and later others showed that a nonlinear function will translate one frequency to another frequency, but although it does jump, this method is inadequate for the current mind control signals, and a linear function is used which operates simply on the energy that the implants have.

This is another reason why so many people are suffering ES.


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