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by emfprofessoremfprofessor 27 Feb 2016 00:09

Hello, I have recently become interested in EHS. I have a very close friend who developed Multiple chemical sensitivity about 4 years ago and now is extremely sensitive to EMFs as well. Needless to say it has been life altering for her since she now is confined to her home most of the time. I am currently setting up an EMF measurement business in my area.

School being sued for ADA Violations - Wi-Fi

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 25 Jan 2016 22:03

country: USA
category: '2'
date: '2015-12-08'
references: 'First Federal Case Filed Concerning A Child and the School Wireless System has been filed August 2015'
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remarks: "School being sued for ADA Violations - Wi-Fi Accommodations needed because of Sensitivity to Wi-Fi\n\n+ Breaking: First Federal Case Filed Concerning A Child and the School Wireless System has been filed August 2015 .\nPlease see the complaint attached. Note the expert Doctor letters at the end of the complaint.\n\n\" Sometime in or around the spring term of 2013, Fay installed in its classrooms and in various other facilities a new Wi-Fi system, known as the “Aerohive Wi-Fi Network.” This is a high-density, industrial-capacity wireless system which, when operating, emits substantially greater radiofrequency/microwave emissions than the emissions coming from the more low-grade systems used in most homes and in certain other public places. Specifically, the Aerohive Network doubled the prior emissions in Fay classrooms from 2.5 GHz to 5 GHz.\n\nExposure to the emissions from the high- density Wi-Fi now used by Fay is dangerous to persons having an aggravated sensitivity to those emissions, as will be explained in more detail further below.\n(24) Sometime after the above-described Wi-Fi system was installed, G started to experience occasional, troubling symptoms, which he reported to his parents when he came home from Fay at the end of the school day. These included headaches, itchy skin, and rashes. These symptoms receded after G had been home for several hours. Moreover, G had no such symptoms over the weekends, when he was not subjected to any such Wi-Fi system. These symptoms continued on and off for the remainder of the 2013 spring term but then abated at the beginning of the summer, when G was no longer in Fay classrooms.\"\n\n“According to the Americans with Disabilities Act and other disability laws, public and commercial buildings are required to provide reasonable accommodations for those disabled by chemical and/or electromagnetic sensitivities.”\n\n\n++ Also see/search:\n* School being sued for ADA Violations - Wi-Fi\n"


by SlaveWorkerSlaveWorker 17 May 2012 01:04

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Teachers don't disagree, computer techs that work for the school district do

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 19 Jan 2016 01:15

country: Global
category: '2'
date: '2015-12-07'
references: 'Children''s Safety & Security !!'
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remarks: "Teachers don't disagree, computer techs that work for the school district do…. I'm for technology but make sure it is safe for our children. A pulsated microwave radiation router called WiFi which is mounted on the ceiling of every classroom is something Hitler would have done in concentration camps.. Why not use fibre optics , which is totally safe and much faster than WiFi Radiation HOTSPOTS…\n\n"


by SlaveWorkerSlaveWorker 23 Jul 2013 15:56

YOU have been invited !!!

STOP new Cell Tower Construction in Ile Bizard, Quebec, Canada

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 17 Jan 2016 22:21

country: Canada
category: '0'
date: '2015-01-15'
references: 'Petitioning Normand Marinacci Borough mayor L’Île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève'
remarks: "​We have enough cell towers here already\nIt is now known that ‘ionizing’ radiation (i.e. x-rays) are biologically harmful. This was not established until long after the introduction and mass adoption of x-ray technology.​\nToday, our exposure to a different type of radiation (non-ionizing) is growing exponentially.\n‘Non-Ionizing’ Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) comes in many forms in our homes and places of work, including:\nCell towers\nCell phones\nBaby monitors\nCordless phones\nWiFi routers\nSmart metres – electric, gas and water\n•\nMore and more studies are emerging that suggest that non-ionizing radiation is also\nbiologically harmful - these studies challenge the aged theory that only ionizing radiation is\nharmful\n•​​\n\nMost people are unaware of the potential harm, yet are dependent on their technology\n•\nThere is a percentage of the population that is sensitive to EMR with serious health\naffects, though they may not yet know that EMR is the cause\n\n\n"
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Mind Control – Remote Neural Monitoring: Daniel Estulin and Magnus Olsson

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 17 Jan 2016 02:57

country: Global
category: '1'
date: ''
references: 'Mind Control – Remote Neural Monitoring: Daniel Estulin and Magnus Olsson on Russia Today'
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remarks: 'Mind Control – Remote Neural Monitoring: Daniel Estulin and Magnus Olsson on Russia Today'

Woman worried new Cellphone Tower will affect Son’s lifesaving Medical Equipment

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 15 Jan 2016 20:39

country: USA
category: '1'
date: '2016-01-12'
references: ''
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remarks: "By Lauren DiSpirito\n\n> January 12, 2016 8:37 PM\n\n+ BROOMFIELD, Colo. (CBS4) – A mother in Broomfield is leading the charge to stop a cellphone tower from being built at a church near the intersection of Sheridan and East Midway boulevards.\n\nStacy Warden, who lives in the neighboring Willow Park subdivision, worries the tower’s frequencies will negatively interact with her 7-year-old son Noah’s lifesaving medical equipment. Noah has cerebral palsy with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and a sensory processing disorder that makes him sensitive to stimulants such as electromagnetic frequencies. Noah is unable to walk, talk, crawl or eat on his own, but has cognitive function, and is aware of his surroundings, according to Warden.\n\n“I’m really scared about the impact that it’s going to have on Noah,” Warden said.\n\nIn addition to her fears over the tower’s frequency and its effects, Warden says noise that the tower could produce can cause a harmonic distortion that would make Noah sick.\n\n“His trigger causes a gag reflex, and he’ll gag until he actually vomits, and he won’t stop vomiting,” Warden said.\n\nWarden says her house is within 500 feet of the proposed site. The plan, which Broomfield City Council members voted on Dec. 15 to approve, allows Verizon to construct a 52-foot tower to resemble an old spire on a corner of Calvary Church’s property. The church already agreed to an automatically renewing five-year lease deal with Verizon that gives the church $2,000 a month in exchange for the use of its property, Senior Pastor Steve Kalb said.\nCBS4's Lauren DiSpirito interviews Calvary Church Senior Pastor Steve Kalb (credit: CBS)\n\nCBS4’s Lauren DiSpirito interviews Calvary Church Senior Pastor Steve Kalb (credit: CBS)\n\nConstruction on the tower has not yet begun. Warden is asking city council members to reconsider their decision and weigh information they might not have had at the time of the vote. She went door-to-door, handing neighbors flyers that list 17 factors she and other opponents to the plan want the city to consider.\n\n“We’re hopeful and confident that if we give city council information that they didn’t have at the time on the 15th, that they may feel very differently about their decision,” Warden said.\n\nCity council’s decision to approve the plan surprised Warden and some of her neighbors because earlier Broomfield’s planning and zoning commission voted down the idea 4-0, recommending the city deny the request because the applicant could not “sufficiently answer questions” regarding sound suppression, signal intensity and other concerns.\n\n3\n\nWarden says many people did not raise their concerns sooner because they did not expect the plan would be approved. To reverse its decision, a city spokesman says a council member who voted in favor of the proposal would have to make a motion to reconsider the vote. So far, no council member has done so.\n\nCalvary Church leadership says Verizon approached them asking for permission to build on their property. The church has been facing financial setbacks for more than 2 1/2 years after their main building had to be demolished over soil problems and faulty construction.\n\n“We’d been hoping and praying for a way to recover some of our losses,” Kalb said.\n\nThe cellphone tower deal gives Calvary Church the opportunity to repay its debts and eventually rebuild. Kalb is aware of opposition to the plan, and in particular, Warden’s concerns over potential impacts to Noah’s health. Kalb says he shared those concerns with Verizon, asking them to look into the claims.\nCalvary Church property in Broomfield (credit: CBS)\n\nCalvary Church property in Broomfield (credit: CBS)\n\n“We’ve already contractually obligated ourselves with Verizon, and so that is one of the reasons that we’re still doing this,” Kalb said. “It does concern me, and when we talked to the Verizon engineer who was at the council meeting on the 15th — he assured us that this wouldn’t happen.”\n\nIn a statement, Verizon told CBS4 it “is aware of this particular situation and has been working closely with the landlord, city council and residents in the local community. We strive to be an asset to any community and we operate within the guidelines set by the FCC. We plan to move forward with adding a new site in Broomfield to meet growing customer demand and improve network performance for the community and first responders.”\n\nWarden and some of her neighbors plan to take their concerns to a regularly scheduled city council meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 12 at 6 p.m. So far, one council member has requested a study session on the impacts of cellphone towers, but there’s been no indication whether any of those who voted in favor of the proposal plan to change their vote.\n\n“I really think it’s important as a community that we have a voice in this,” Warden said. “This is going to impact not just me but all of the homeowners in my area.”\n\nLauren DiSpirito is CBS4’s Northern Newsroom reporter. Follow her on Twitter @CBS4Lauren. Share your story ideas with her here.\n"

Mind Control

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 22 Nov 2015 17:28


by SlaveWorkerSlaveWorker 28 Feb 2012 06:13


by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 05 Dec 2014 10:08

Research Info from Israel

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 12 Sep 2015 03:28

National Activity Report – ISRAEL 2015
Prof. Stelian Ghelberg, PhD
Head, Noise Abatement and Radiation Safety Department; representative of the Ministry of Environmental Protection
Prof. Siegal Sadetzki, MD, MPH Head, TNUDA - The Israeli National Information Center for Non-Ionizing Radiation Head, the National Cancer & Radiation Epidemiology Unit, Gertner Institute, Chaim Sheba Medical Center; representative of the Ministry of Health
Shaiela Kandel, PhD Israeli Radiation Safety Commission General Research Activities Related to EMF


Smart Meter Education Network

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 04 Sep 2015 19:37

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 03 Sep 2015 20:33

Support for EHS and EMF

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 02 Jul 2013 20:28

Asian Healing Arts Center

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 03 Sep 2015 03:56

We treat patients who are EMF sensitive.

EMR Updates: The Microwave #Factor Newsletter (2015-08-10)

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 30 Aug 2015 23:29

(From denial to acceptance, from ignorance to awareness, from apathy to action, from selfishness to compassion.)


by SlaveWorkerSlaveWorker 04 Oct 2013 09:03

Please click on the corresponding Website URL below, to go straight to the Petition.

Wi-Fi Ban

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 06 Aug 2015 05:47

- Please add Countries and Town below:

SmartMeter Ban

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 06 Aug 2015 04:26

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    • Woodstock 2013-05-24 (Published, 2013-06-01)
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