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Phone Gate Alert

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 31 Jul 2018 05:50

The French public authorities recognize the urgent need to better protect the health of mobile phone users.

International Liability about Nuclear and Electromagnetic Radiation (Thesis)

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 29 Jul 2016 21:28

country: Global
category: '14'
date: '2015'
references: 'Ailia Aqeel Abdulhussein'
image: null
website: 'International Liability about Nuclear and Electromagnetic Radiation (Thesis)'
youtube: ''
current: null
remarks: "[[=]]\nInternational Liability about Nuclear and Electromagnetic Radiation\n\n\n\nA Thesis\nSubmitted to the Council of the College of Law/University of Kufa\nIn Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master Degree in Public Law\n\n\nBy\nAilia Aqeel Abdulhussein\n\n\nSupervised by\n \nAsst. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Obeis Al-Fatlawi\n \n \n 2015 A.D. 1437 A.H.\n[[/=]]\n\n\n\n\n\n\nAbstract:\n\nThe international liability used to be imposed on the countries as a result of their violation of an international commitment. But after the development of the international system and the appearance of the international and regional organizations, and considering it as a part of the international law, the concept of liability expanded in its attribution and the base. The international liability is used even when a person performs a legal action due to the awareness of the international societies of the importance of protecting the common heritage, the environment.\n\nThe nuclear and electromagnetic cause cross boarder damages and have long-term harmful results which cannot be treated instantly. It is necessary to be safe than attempting to find solutions to the negative effects resulting from using the radiations whether the safe or unsafe usage.\nInternational laws were devised for organizing the use of nuclear and electromagnetic radiations and established international, regional and local bodies for that purpose. Since the discovery of the radiations and till this time there have been eager attempts exerted by the countries to exploit the vast energy resulting from the emission of the rays from its various sources. Its first use was the unsafe usage to gain invincible military destructive power and the political powers at that time spent huge amounts of money for that purpose.\n\nMany researches and experiments were conducted to reach the highest level of energy. While the electromagnetic radiations were included within the priorities of these researches and scientific studies. After the Austrian Croatian scientist Nickola Tesla attempted to provide the globe with free electric power but the project was employed as a tool for changing the climate owned by large countries like Russia that is named woodpecker. The same is owned by the US and named it HAARP which is the main reason behind the global warming as it warms the ionosphere layer and makes it reflect the warming gases and prevents it from leaving the atmosphere. Many international laws were devised as a legal cover for that weapon. Based on that, it is important to preserve international peace through imposing international liability based on the damage caused. Moreover, new international laws should take into consideration the radial pollution in which the creatures live.\n"

News & Facts

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 22 Oct 2013 10:43

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EMF Scientists appeal to WHO & UN (2015-05-11)

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 06 Jun 2015 19:50

On 11 May 2015, 190 EMF Scientists made an Appeal to the WHO and UN (inclusive all 193 Member States) to reduce Electromagnetic Radiation - with an almost TOTAL Media Black-Out !
On 20 May 2015 more joined and now there are 200 from 40 countries.
On 27 April 2016 there were 220 Signatories of the Appeal.

Heart Attack

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 06 Jun 2016 17:37

WiFi exposure is being linked to many illnesses as it affects so many biological systems. Many of the effects take place downstream - - they affect protein production in the brain - - 143 proteins. It affects cell communication. It affects to removal of waste from cells so there is a build up of cellular waste that causes many problems. It affects immune function which can cause many different problems depending on the person and their other health issues. It is being linked to Alzheimer's, autism, headaches, other neurological issues, MS, chronic fatigue and the list goes on and on. Diabetes and thyroid dysfunction is also linked to wireless radiation. Hair loss and loss of skin elasticity is also linked to this type of radiation exposures. Thousands, even hundreds of thousands are affected in some way by this exposure—yet they remain in denial or oblivious to the cause. Too bad they don't actually research it and find the truth.


by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 03 Jun 2016 00:44

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), was an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska[clarification needed], and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), designed and built by BAE Advanced Technologies (BAEAT).

Reverse Triangulation

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 03 Jun 2016 00:14

Reverse Triangulation is first making use of Triangulation to track you where ever you are at a given time and then use Reverse Triangulation to send the Pulsed Radiation targeting you, to do what ever and cause the illness they want you to have, by selecting the specific frequencies and pulse rates needed!
Barrie Trower states that very clearly in various interviews.


by SlaveWorkerSlaveWorker 19 Dec 2013 15:13

Triangulation is when two known fixed points are known to find a third one.

my communications blocked , please share this !

by Anonymous 02 Jun 2016 17:04

remarks: "its one purpose is mental jail, where person can be pressured to do what government (health care related) people want them to do. They can't allways do their own choice of living after they are chosen into this. \n\nAlso such health care system where people who have to spend lot of time in hospital, get to see through someone elses eyes. And feel the other persons doings and senses. \n\nThey can switch people's eyes sense, and fly to other place. \nThe guy in one popular gang stalking video on youtube, is right when he says\n \" can hopp to another body\" \n\nThey're irritating me via neuro-RF-implants, and invading my mind. \ni have started to do little movements when i use my imagination, or when my attention gets off. They need the moment of attention to be dreamy to do their action in another persons body. \n\ni have started to do more and more thought- and idea-related actions of theirs. \nThey're scaring me that they can invade me completely. \nim little afraid of how far it goes, and i have to care of what they do. \n\nthey can move my hands when my attention slides away for second. \n\ni can hear their thinking voice when they want it , They use it to pressure me \n\nThey are getting more and more control of my body: if i relax, my hands start weakly do their actions. im afraid i will have to tie myself when i sleep . \nThey hide how far they have got in the mind invading, and i was surprised today how much irritation they try to do . \n\nall talks try make me lose hope. its 24/7. sometimes gets silencer at nights: they too have to sleep. \n\nThere can be more than one person in the other end\n\nOther end of transferring human senses data. \n\ni first trusted them. i did some things for them six months. in the city. it took me long time to start telling people about this . i wanted out of theri actions and back to my own life, Then they started pressuring me .\n\nThey try wait long before they do some thing that makes person look crazy as he visits outside. \n\nThey're doing things to my throat, and try make me swallow. they slowly get more control. \n\nIm trying to get to Russia, and make Russian people interest of the implant, so they would take it out of me , for exchange of what they get to study. \n\nI'm not sure if my email got through, but Here's what i described when i wrote to russia: \n\nThey are slowly getting more control from me. But im still me; even sometimes i do their thought-action which i fast correct, undo, or leave half-way. They first try do actions that looks normal, like cleaning, moving , repositioning objects, or rotating things. \n\nIM AFRAID THEY CAN MOVE MY EYES VISION TO ANOTHER HUMAN BODY, so that i see to another place, and someone is in my place. ( and nobody knows ! ) (i quess they need to invade to the mind more , before they do this - wait the person to do lots of their thoughts. ) \n\nThey can make me unable to think well. \nThey do it when i see my relatives, and threaten i can't feel love or presence among them.\n\ni start accidentally speak in my mind. i hear them, and hard to not speak in my own mind - this is somehow related to the situatino me starting to be harder to speak. They threaten me to make me full not able to speak. \n\nThey are related to psychiatrics . \nThey are timely making me behave weird, neurologically weird looking things. Last time they didn't make me much harm as i visit a forced psychiatric visit, (that they originally made happen long time ago) \ni have to see psychiatric sometimes , still few months -and im afraid there's a trap for me - that they make me look too weird. - this is propably how they control information flood. \n\nSome hospitall personnell knows about this . It has been combined with bright and simple-coloured shirts or shoes on people. Cars simple coloured, often in pairs and looking simple but new. \nThe stronger simple color-wearing people in the streets i see, are kept uncontacted from this mind invasion thing -they don't know . (quess) \n \nThe colours are used by the people looking through my eyes. \nThey play with human attention - they can make themselves stronger to my mind by looking to the attention-screaming bright colours. \n-Mind gets mixed up here when the mind starts thinking and listening the attentions of the people using the mind invasion technology, as i walk street and look. \n\ni send information to \n\nAs the person gets more psyciatric drugs, his own will gets weaker, and also he less distinquishes his own thoughts and actions from the actions of the mind invading. -i believe this is tied to the system. The person can get trapped to inside of himself, and someone else is controlling. \n\nThey send wireless realtime data; they have to transmit lot of data, it has to be multiple GHz , or even microwaves . \nThere is small lag about 100 millisecond . i realize this as happened i played years of reaction game and millisecond related games. \n\nCurrently im trying to get to Russia for 5 days, from 9.10 to 16.10. \n\nIf these words get through to you, and i write you this much information, Can you Jeff Polachek, or your friends , write me physical letter to Finland !!! \n i believe a letter comes through. \n\nI know you care alot from this case. if you can contact some person in Finland, or Russia (9.10 to 16.10) , please make them see me . \nim often home .\n\n+358449418889\n\nAntti Markus Kantola \nTilhenkatu 14,\n 20610 turku\n\n\nHere's the letter to Russia i wrote: ( i ask and beg you to re-send this to russian consulates /health care ) \n\n-\nFinnish Military communications project gone too far. i need help, coming to Russia.\n\nFor Russian universities, Army, and Health Care.\nin hopes for Russian academy to help me, im sharing the following information:\n\nAbout advanced research in neuro-RF-implant technology;\n so-called. MIND PHONE research.\n\n-Human motoristics remote effect and control\n-breakthrough in wireless transmission of visual sense\n-effect to attention ability\n-speaking sythetizator\n-Sophisticated thought effecting\n-memoryeffect\n-strong effect to courage\n-enhanced multitasking abilities\n-feelings can be enhanced.\n-waves of brain and nervous system copied, and actions and feelings repeated or enhanced.\n-Sound and voice transmission to ear, via ear nervous system.\n\nI have been involved in test of this technology, brain research, and human abilities enhancingwith wireless neuro-implants.\n\nThe system core forms from combining two humans full senses traffic. ;\n The two brains then understand the similarish brainwaves and starts understanding each others and later combining if wanted.\nAlso partial information can be transmitted and understood.\nThere are perceptions of faster and better thinking.\n The effect is a one- or two-directional, if wanted)\n\nEffect without the version of computer-involvement in between two connected humans senses,\nstarts with:\nFirst feelings of outside-effected motoristical actions feels weak, and can only be felt with bigger relaxing states.\nBody feels slight timely tingling and vibrations.\nBrain slowly starts obey the signals from the electronic device, and later the bodies start accept outside coming commands with less relaxation. This ability can be learned in few months and persons starts have a feeling from the remote controlled movements state and choose let them do actions if wanted.\nFirst perceptions of outside controlled actions, are turning of the head and eyes.\nThen, as letting them relax more, the persons start feeling slight turning of body and hands.\nLater the legs movements are felt and learned.\n\nSpeaking synthetizator: speech production starts having extra words.\nLater they learn ability to let remote speak come through their throats as they relax little.\nThese abilities can be felt and learned like whistleing.\n\nConsidering the secrecy of the development of this technology, often the patients to study, will not be told about the program, and extra electronics installed into their bodies. \nDuring this kind of study, the personnell in other end of wireless neuro implants, implements events and motoristical actions that combines to the usual daily actions, and the outside person used in the program, doesn't distinguish the remote actions from his/her own; They can be repeated actions with computer help, or actions of other person in other end of the system.\n\nTo controll the information floods about the secret, there are negative effecting harassment-characteristics used: \nDisruptive Auditory effects, pausing breath, thought, memory delays where remembering takes longer. With speaking synthetizator, the effect is the person is unable to stop the remote speech.\n\n\nTechnology is no longer in the research phase,\nand is also used by health care , with special way, to do good. ( The patients having to spend lots of time in hospital, can have freeing experience outside in normal life )\n\nBut the technology is secret and has not been prepared for the laws and ethics; which is one of the reasons why the victims are selected from them without asking, so as not to have to talk about the matter.\n\nThe program is covered up with skillful disinformation, and for people whose ideas are known, provided they are the causes of the events in which they begin to believe.\n\nDARPA is not the manufacturer of this.\n\nThe device may be mounted elsewhere than head; it is sufficient that it reaches spine and can be placed in back or the lowest part of the spine.\n\nThe most dangerous side effect: At beta times of the development, we noticed,\nsometimes the use of imagination closes the visual sense perception for 1 second long moments,\n\nFinnish army has huge impact on health care and its hard to get unedited versions X-ray and MRI images.\n\nBecause this subject relates human senses traffic and processing, there are other implants and devices that enhances certain senses.\n\nHealth Care routines to cover the secrecy of the program,\nare to effect negatively to persons feelings and with other actions described above.\nSuch persons are often lead to faked mental problems.\n\nThe police is dependent of the health care, and there are allways time to edit the MRI images and database, so the secret remains.\n----—\n-I tried out of Mind Phone development program and shared secret information to outsiders.\nThen the personnell from the program, started harassing me through it.\nI need the implants removed.\n-The technology is still active, they're effecting my nervous system and my time is limited, unless someone removes the implants from me.\nIm still healthy and i need help. (Exchange is more information )\n-Someone will have these microchips to study,\n ( in Finland, the Finnish army try stop me from removing the implants, because it leads to information spreading)\n\nI can tell more, please contact me via letter, or from home.\n(finnish army disturb my phone )\n\nAntti Markus Kantola,\nTilhenkatu 14\n20610 Turku, Finland\n\moc.liamg|tsiaxen#moc.liamg|tsiaxen, moc.liamg|97kittna#moc.liamg|97kittna\\n\nIm coming to russia, Petersburg, in between 6.6 - 15-6. \nBut If you have personnell in Finland, i would like to meet them as soon as possible.\n\n(Because the active wireless implants, may need a radio-protected space.)\n"
category: '2'
website: ''
current: null
reply: ''

TwitterStorm TEST-Message 001

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 02 Jun 2016 00:12

If you can read THIS all works!
Let's give them a PROPER HIDING of AWARENESS on: 2016-06-30 !!

Top Bar Menu

by SlaveWorkerSlaveWorker 28 Feb 2012 06:13


by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 01 Jun 2016 23:43


by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 27 May 2016 10:50

Triangulation is when two known fixed points are known to find a third one.



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Members Action

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 26 May 2016 17:56

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Ian Phillips (44)

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 26 May 2016 00:41

illness: 'Brain Cancer'
date: '2016-05-20'
passed: '0'
company: 'Rugby Player'
industry: 'Communications & Wireless'
country: UK
reference: 'Business executive who claimed spending six hours a day on his mobile gave him brain cancer dies aged 44'
website: ' '
youtube: ''
remarks: "Business executive who claimed spending six hours a day on his mobile gave him brain cancer dies aged 44\n\n Ian Phillips was found to have a lemon-sized tumour on his brain \n Had surgery and chemotherapy but was told he had just 3 years to live\n Campaigned against phones after claiming his mobile caused his cancer\n Family say they have received hundreds of tributes from all over the world \n\nBy ANNA HODGEKISS and MADLEN DAVIES FOR MAILONLINE\n\n\nPUBLISHED: 06:01 EST, 20 May 2016 | UPDATED: 11:40 EST, 20 May 2016\n\n\nA businessman who claimed using his mobile phone for six hours a day gave him brain cancer has died at the age of 44. \n\n\nIan Phillips spent his last months warning about the risks of long exposure to radiation from mobiles.\n\n​​​​​​​\n\nAfter going to hospital with a bad headache, he was given the devastating news he had a lemon-sized brain tumour - and has just three years to live.\n\n\nMr Phillips claimed his cancer was caused by excessive use of his mobile phone, as his job as an operations manager for a large firm required him to spend more than 100 hours a month making calls.\n\n\nSpeaking in February 2015, he said: 'My ear would be red when I left work at the end of the day. I didn't think what it was doing to my brain.'\n\n\nAs well as undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment in a bid to beat the cancer, he received alternative medicine, changed his diet, and regularly exercised.\n\nScroll down for video \n


\n\nIan Phillips claimed spending six hours a day on a mobile phone gave him a brain tumour. He spent his last months warning about the risks of long exposure to radiation from mobiles - and used a bright gold receiver (pictured) to make calls. He died this week aged 44\n\n


\n\nAfter driving himself to hospital with a blinding headache, an MRI scan revealed Mr Phillips had a lemon-sized tumour next to his right ear. The scan is pictured (it is mirrored, so the left side of the scan shows the right side of the brain)\n\nHis younger sister, Nicky, said: 'Ian was an amazing person. It's heartbreaking, but he was a real fighter and we are so proud of him.\n\n\n'We are all absolutely devastated but we are getting so much comfort from messages from people all over the world.'\n\n\nInstead of giving flowers mourners at his funeral next Friday are asked to donate to the Brainstrust charity he supported.\n\n\nMr Phillips, head of healthcare diagnostic imaging for a large global firm, was hit by a sudden blinding headache and drove himself to A&E in the middle of the night.\n\n\nHe was given a brain scan on an MRI machine which he had installed himself just two weeks earlier at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff.\n\n




\n\nMr Phillips underwent a nine hour operation to remove his tumour (his scars are pictured, left and right, after the operation)\n\nThe scan revealed a Grade 3 brain tumour the size of a lemon and Mr Phillips underwent a nine-hour emergency operation to remove most of it.\n\n\nBut he was given the horrific news that the brain cancer could not be cured and was advised to make the most of the little time he had left.\n\n\nMr Phillips, from Cardiff, said: 'I was devastated - the first thing I asked the doctors was what had caused it.\nI tell people that I am convinced my cancer was caused by using my mobile up to six hours a day. Even doctors won't argue with me when I tell them how much time I was spending on it\n\n'But I knew right from the start that it was due to my excessive use of my mobile - I was on it all the time.\n\n'I have spent a lot of time since researching this and the number of brain tumours is going up.\n\n\n'I am really concerned about young children using mobiles - their skulls are softer and radiation from these devices can reach their brains more easily.'\n\n\nMr Phillips invested in a shiny gold hand receiver which he plugs into his mobile to make and receive calls, meaning he doesn't have to hold the phone to his ear.\n\n\nHe said: 'I bought a gold one to draw attention to the potential dangers of mobiles.\n\n\n'Strangers ask me why I use a hand held receiver and I tell them they would too if they had been diagnosed with a brain tumour.\n\n\n'I tell people that I am convinced my cancer was caused by using my mobile up to six hours a day.\n\n\n'Even my doctors won't argue with me when I tell them how much time I was spending on it at work.'\n\n\nMr Phillips estimated he was talking for more than 100 hours a month on his Blackberry - because of his high-pressure job.\n\n\nHe said: 'I was a successful rugby player, extremely fit and I never got ill - not even with a cold. But now I have this.\n\n\n'The irony is that the tumour was discovered on one of the diagnostic machines that I installed at hospitals all over the country.' \n\n


\n\nMr Phillips was forced to quit his £100,000 a year job due to his illness, and launched a campaign to raise awareness to the risks of using mobile phones\n\nHe said: 'They gave me three years to live but I will prove them wrong time and again.\n\n\n'The tumour has shrunk to nothing once but it's back now and I'm having chemo again.\n\n'But I am convinced that it will disappear again before my current course of chemotherapy is complete.'\n\n\nMr Phillips was forced to quit his £110,000 a year job because of his illness.\n\n\nThe former Caerphilly RFC second row forward spent his last few years with his girlfriend and his parents Norman and Lesley, mainly watching rugby and going to the gym.\n\n\nBefore his death he launched a campaign to highlight the dangers of mobile phones, convinced he can inform others of the risks.\n\n\nHe persuaded Welsh rugby stars Rhys Priestland and Jonathan Davies to shave their heads for the Brains Trust charity he supports.\n\n\nHe said: 'I will beat my tumour but in the meantime I need to get the message across that mobile phones can be dangerous.\n\n\n'I used mine too much, I know that - but people need to be made aware of the risks and start switching to hand-held receivers. It could save their lives.'\n\n\nFor more information visit Brains Trust website: \n \nDO MOBILES CAUSE CANCER? IT'S TOO EARLY TO TELL, EXPERTS WARN\n\nThe potential connection between mobile phones and cancer is a controversial debate.\n\nCountless studies have failed to provide a consensus about the degree of cancer risk.\n\nThe key concern is that phones could cause brain tumours.\n\n\nThe latest study, by the University of Sydney, found there is no link between mobile phones and brain cancer.\n\nResearchers found no increase in tumours over the last 29 years, despite an enormous increase in the use of the devices.\n+7\n\nStudies on whether mobile phones cause brain tumours come to different conclusions\n\n\nIn Australia, where the study was conducted, 9 per cent of people had a mobile phone in 1993 - a number which has shot up to 90 per cent today.\n\n\nBut in the same period, cancer rates in people aged 20 - 84 rose only slightly in men and remained stable in women.\n\n\nThere were 'significant' rises in tumours in the elderly, but the increase began five years before mobile phones arrived in Australia in 1987, the researchers said. \n\n\nBefore this study, the Million Women Study, which included around 790,000 women, also found no link between mobile phone use and brain tumours, or 18 other types of cancer.\n+7\n\nOncology experts advise people who are concerned about a possible link between mobile phones and cancer to limit their phone use, or use a speaker or hands-free device\n\n\nAnother study followed more than 420,000 users over a 20-year period. It found no direct link between mobile phones and brain tumours.\n\n\nAnd another piece of research did note a link between mobile phone use and cancer of the salivary glands, but only a small number of study participants had cancerous tumours.\n\n\nMeanwhile another recent study suggested a possible increased risk of glioma - a specific type of brain tumour - for those using their mobiles a lot. But researchers found no increase in brain tumour risk overall. \n\n\nIn 2012 the Italy's Supreme Court found there was a 'causal link' between phone use and a businessman's brain tumour diagnosis. \n\nRead more: \nFollow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook\n\nP.O. Box 1847\nMiddletown Ca 95461\nUSA "

Electromagnetic Field From Cellphone Towers May Amplify Pain in Amputees

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 24 May 2016 07:47

country: Global
category: '4'
date: '2016-01-13'
references: ''
image: null
website: ''
youtube: ''
current: null
remarks: "+ Electromagnetic Field From Cellphone Towers May Amplify Pain in Amputees\n\n\n++ Anthropogenic Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Elicit Neuropathic Pain in an Amputation Model\n\n Bryan Black ,\n Rafael Granja-Vazquez ,\n Benjamin R. Johnston ,\n Erick Jones,\n Mario Romero-Ortega\n\n Published: January 13, 2016\n\n\n----\n\n\n\n\n----\n> + Flawed study should be retracted immediately\n> +++ Posted by DariuszLeszczynski on 14 Mar 2016 at 15:56 GMT\n> \n> On January 13, 2016, was published in the journal PLoS ONE an article ?Anthropogenic Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Elicit Neuropathic Pain in an Amputation Model? by Bryan Black, Rafael Granja-Vazquez, Benjamin R. Johnston, Erick Jones, and Mario Romero-Ortega.\n> \n> Claims made by the authors made some headlines in the news media. Unfortunately, the article is not worthy any attention and should be immediately retraced and returned to the authors for additional experiments. It is simply a case of bad science.\n> \n> The major problem with the article is the radiation dosimetry and temperature measurement of the skin.\n> \n> The authors claim that exposing rats to level of RF-EMF mimicking levels emitted by cell towers, the temperature of the skin of the animals increased by 2.1oC (!!!). This would mean, for humans, rise of skin temperature from the normal 36.6oC to some 38.7oC. This should be occurring, according to the study, in response to cell tower radiation ? meaning just walking through the city would make human skin to be in fever. As we know this does not happen.\n> \n> Simple logical thinking should bring the authors to the one and the only conclusion that something is badly wrong with their study.\n> \n> There must be some technical error(s) in execution of the experiments and some of these might be:\n> 1. Radiation dosimetry is incorrect and animals are exposed to higher RF-EMF dose\n> 2. Temperature measurement is incorrect and shows too high skin temperature\n> 3. Handling of animals was incorrect and led to increased skin temperature\n> \n> There are many other inconsistencies and insufficiencies in the description of the experiments. However, the ?temperature & dosimetry? problem alone is enough to completely invalidate the study and demand the immediate retraction.\n> \n> Also, it is puzzling, how such badly messed up study was accepted by peer-reviewers and by the editors of the PLoS ONE?\n> \n> Dariusz Leszczynski, PhD, DSc\n> \n> Chief Editor\n> Specialty 'Radiation and Health'\n> Frontiers in Public Health, Lausanne, Switzerland\n> &\n> Adjunct Professor\n> Department of Biochemistry & Biotechnology\n> University of Helsinki, Finland"

US Forest Service to respond to 3,400 complaints on Navy's electromagnetic warfare plan

by Peter-ZAPeter-ZA 23 May 2016 16:31

country: USA
category: '5'
date: '2016-01-08'
references: 'Greg Wahl, Olympic National Forest environmental coordinator, said this week that the agency is writing final drafts of up to about 100 general responses to the thousands of comments submitted by Nov. 28.'
image: null
website: ''
youtube: ''
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remarks: "||


||\n||~ An EA-18G Growler assigned to Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 129 lands on Naval Air Station Whidbey Island’s Ault Field. — U.S. Navy An EA-18G Growler assigned to Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 129 lands on Naval Air Station Whidbey Island’s Ault Field. — U.S. Navy ||\n\nBy Paul Gottlieb\nPeninsula Daily News\n\nPORT ANGELES — The U.S. Forest Service is completing final draft responses to thousands of mostly negative comments directed at plans for expanded naval electronic warfare exercises over the North Olympic Peninsula, including Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest.\n\nBut if you submitted one of the 3,397 correspondences on the $11.5 million Pacific Northwest Electronic Warfare Training Range project, don't expect a response specifically to your submission.\n\nGreg Wahl, Olympic National Forest environmental coordinator, said this week that the agency is writing final drafts of up to about 100 general responses to the thousands of comments submitted by Nov. 28.\n\n“We have compiled themes for a couple thousand [comments] we received,” Wahl said.\n\n“The majority could be labeled as concerned with the project or against it.\n\n“There were certainly comments supporting it, though,” Wahl said.\n\n“The process is really to flush out what are the main themes, what are the main issues, from a copious amount of comments and to get to the heart of what the concern is.”\n\nWahl said a Portland, Ore., company compiled the comments for about $30,000 after agency staff were overwhelmed by the responses.\n\nNavy officials also will review the draft responses before they are finalized.\n\nThe Navy is seeking a special-use permit from the agency to deploy — on 12 Olympic National Forest roads — three camper-size vehicles that would emit electromagnetic signals.\n\nThe trucks would engage in real-time exercises with radar-jamming jet pilots from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island who now train from within the confines of the cockpit.\n\nThe Navy's environmental assessment of the project concluded the activity, which includes the emission of electromagnetic radiation, would not result in significant environmental impacts.\n\nThe roads lie below the Olympic Military Operations Area, an umbrella of naval air space that extends from Olympic National Park west to the coast and from the Strait of Juan de Fuca south to Grays Harbor County.\n\nIt also includes portions of Clallam and Jefferson counties.\n\nWahl said the Forest Service will issue a draft decision on the permit this spring, at the same time that commenters should receive final responses to their missives.\n\nOne form of comment was a petition opposing the project with a reported 110,000 signatures.\n\nIt was submitted to the Forest Service in September and cited noise and health impacts as main concerns.\n\nWahl said the worries received seemed to be, in order of volume, the impact from jet noise, the effect on human health and safety, and what the electromagnetic warfare project might do to flora and fauna.\n\nNavy officials have said the jet flights over the military operations area would increase by up to 10 percent, another assertion disputed by critics who say the percentage is far greater.\n\nWahl said the Forest Service already has experience with the Navy's mobile emitters on Olympic National Forest roads interacting with radar-jamming jets.\n\nThe agency issued special-use permits to the Navy several years ago to conduct preliminary testing for a limited time.\n\n“I'm not that aware of any impacts,” Wahl said.\n\nRelease of the comments and final draft decision will be followed by a 45-day objection period and another 45-day “resolution” period, after which a decision will be issued.\n\nThe resolution period can be extended by an additional 30 days.\n\nInformation on the project is available at\n\n________\n\nSenior Staff Writer Paul Gottlieb can be reached at 360-452-2345, ext. 5060, or at moc.swenyliadalusninep|beilttogp#moc.swenyliadalusninep|beilttogp.\n\nLast modified: January 08. 2016 4:09PM \n\n"

How 1W transmitters are capable of jamming civilian GPS systems within a 300-mile area around facility?

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country: Global
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date: '2015-03-15'
references: 'The Newport Antenna Measurement Facility radar towers off Newport Road in Newport.'
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remarks: "ow 1 W transmitters are capable of jamming civilian GPS systems within a 300-mile area around facility?\n\n


\nNEWPORT RADAR FACILITY: Two guest opinions heat up debate over possible health effects\n\nThese guest columns continue the conversation about the levels of electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by the Newport Antenna Measurement Facility. Questions are being raised by a group named \"Kuyahoora Valley – What's Making Us Sick,\" who are pushing for a state investigation. The group is seeking answers as an unusual number of rare cancers have surfaced in their community.\n\n Let me first thank the Observer-Dispatch, Dr. David Carpenter, director of the University at Albany's Institute for Health and the Environment, and Col. David P. Blanks, commander of the Rome Research Site and Deputy Director of the Information Directorate, for all taking part in this discussion.\n\n I keep reminding myself that this is for the children and the families and to assist the community in finding answers to the local cluster of disease in the Newport and immediate surrounding area.\n\n Let me also state that I have the utmost respect for the medical community and the role the military plays in defending our freedoms. My mother, father and brother all served in the military.\n\n I grew up in rural Maine in a town of less than 2,000 people and I have kids, so I can imagine how the health problems must impact the community.\n\n I would like to comment on Col. Blanks’ March 11 O-D guest column from a technical standpoint. I am doing this in hope that the public and military will see that more information is required by the public to fully assess the environmental impact of the Newport Antenna Radiation Pattern Test Facility on the surrounding area.\n\n In my career I have assisted in writing environmental permits and applications and have searched the New York state database and FCC registrations and I find nothing regarding the Newport facility.\n\n Let me start by assuming the colonel is correct and the facility radars tested are “only 1 watt each.”\n\n Assuming that is a correct statement, I would like to ask the colonel how 1 watt transmitters are capable of jamming civilian GPS systems within a 300-mile area around the facility as happened accidently in 1998?\n\n As radio/microwave power densities drop off with the square of the distance from the transmitter, my calculations using 5 watts show that would be impossible, and if true would warrant a Nobel Prize in Physics.\n\n I would also like to ask the colonel what those 10-foot diameter parabolic dishes are in his photograph because my WiFi access point does not have one.\n\n My research shows those 10-foot diameter antennas can boost 1 watt of power to an equivalent isotropic radiated power (EIRP) of 3,162 watts due to a gain of 35 dBi (decibels).\n\n It is important to compare apples to apples, and I disagree with most of what the colonel is saying. Regarding the site, the colonel said “it doesn’t emit various frequencies of electromagnetic radiation” and yet the facilities’ own brochure says they test a full range of frequencies from 0-60 GHz.\n\n This referenced document ( fulltext/u2/a347013.pdf) states each radar can generate up to 1000 watt (1kW) pulsed power which is then boosted by the 35 dBi antenna to an EIRP of up to 3,162,277 watts each according to my calculations. Multiple that by 5 radars and you can now understand how 15 million watts of pulsed EIRP power can jam civilian airliner GPS systems from hundreds of miles away and also potentially make personnel ill in the surrounding area.\n"

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Carsten Häublein (Priest)

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illness: Suicide
date: '2013-02-21'
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company: Clergy
industry: Church
country: Germany
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remarks: "+ In Memoriam of Father Carsten Häublein\n


\nSource:\n> On February 14th, 2014 a day dedicated to love, I got a heartbreaking message which reflects most the unloving nature of our society. I was informed that my friend, Carsten Häublein, a German priest who suffered from EHS for 10 years, could no longer take the pain of the ‘Fire’ 4G LTE, which burned inside his head, and he committed suicide.\n> \n>

\n> \n> My sadness was profound and on that same day I wrote a post but I did not publish it. His death was too overwhelming and I needed more time to digest it and understand what it meant for me, what impact should it have on my life and what his death says about the world and society when priests commit suicide.\n>\n> Carsten first contacted me 10 months before he committed suicide and we kept in touch and had long conversations, he even spoke Hebrew. He worked tirelessly to help hundreds of people who suffer from EHS while trying to survive himself and living in inhumane conditions in his car in the woods.\n\n\n+ In memoriam Rev. Carsten Häublein\nSource:\n> ES-UK expresses sympathy to the relatives and friends of retired Pastor Carsten Häublein, born\n> August 1957, died February 2013. Werner Funk and Suzanne Sohmer, with help from Dr. Waldmann-Selsam, report with great sadness that he could no longer endure the increase in high-frequency LTE (4G) torture and, no longer himself, ended his life. “We are stunned, shocked and paralyzed.” In 2006, when the transmission facilities were upgraded in Oberammergau, he could not sleep any more and\n> suffered hellish torments in different places, and slept in a radiation-free forest. The press reported the precarious health situation of\n> many residents in Oberammergau.\n> In 2009, after a long search, he finally found a healthy place to live in Schleswig-Holstein. He placed his hopes on this, moving\n> to a small house and finally being able to live symptom-free.\n> “The ‘luck’ did not last long: from July 2012 his health worsened dramatically when LTE (4G fast wireless internet access) came into operation. The intolerable situation came to a head - and we could not help.” He felt powerless to stop the devastating feeling of “roaring, banging and hissing in the head” and he complained desperately because his “whole body vibrated”. Additional shielding\n> brought only limited relief. He finally saw no other way of relief. How desperate he must have been and in how much agony to escape the\n> unbearable torture in this way.\n> “Such shocking acts of desperation touch loved ones, relatives, friends and neighbours. But from the perspective of political leaders\n> and the mobile phone operators, suffering in this diabolical way ‘disappears’ from the surface of this world and business can continue\n> as usual. The deceased’s closest relatives specifically ask that not only this news is forwarded, but also that his obituary expresses the\n> tremendous human tragedy which happened here: Pastor Häublein has become a victim of this 4G technology.”\n\n\n+ Internet Search:\n* Carsten Häublein (Priest) — Ecosia\n* Carsten Häublein — YouTube"
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