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Electro Magnetic Sensitivity / Electro Sensitivity / Electro(magnetic) Hyper Sensitivity


Problems with Electro(magnetic) (Hyper-)Sensitivity are steadily increasing and more and more people are affected - whether they like it or not. These are real issues to be made aware and taken care of.
The EHS Research Project is a RESEARCH & CONSUMER INITIATIVE to support and assist EMS/EHS Sufferers, Researchers and Health Practitioners alike, in exchanging tips and real life experiences and its PROBLEMATICS with other Sufferers and.or Health Practitioners, helping them and also to inform others from even falling into the traps of EMS/EHS.

Your participation and inputs are welcome - let's rephrase that, to NEED, to make this Project a success, assisting many people and medics in the process. Please apply the general rules and do not place any offensive material or copyrighted information here. However you are allowed and welcome to place LINKS to other websites to point out various information to other members of this website.

If you are new to the principle of websites used for Collaboration of Information, you might have some initial getting used to, as everywhere. Please ask us us in case you get stuck and don't know how to get going.
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