Smart Meter Education Network

DTE & Consumers Energy Smart Meters
Harm Your Health
Harm the Environment
Collect Data You Might Prefer Be Kept Private
Will Raise Your Electric Rates

If you have received a threatening letter from DTE that implies your service will be shut off, read our How to Respond page and contact us. These letters are not official notices. They are a ploy by DTE to raise fear.

DTE representatives occasionally come to customer’s doors and tell them they have 2 weeks to accept a smart meter or their power will be shut off. They are not legally able to take such action. Read more on our How to Respond page page.

See the reports Michigan residents have sent to us about how smart meters have affected their health on our Smart Meter Health page. View gripping testimony of health problems at the Michigan Smart Meter Hearings. Nearly 100 people testifying about the effects on their health. Watch the videos (Part 1 and Part 2)

Who We Are

The Smart Meter Education Network is a group of citizens who have come together to educate the community, work for legislation, and take legal and other action that will protect all citizens, especially children, the elderly, and the chronically ill. Smart meters affect all of us, and will affect our children and our planet for decades to come unless we take action now.

People come to this issue for many different reasons—health impacts, environmental impacts, privacy issues, cyber-security, costs. Whatever your particular concerns, we welcome you to our community and hope that you will join us in our effort to preserve the health of our children, ourselves, and our environment. Click the links on the sidebars to learn more.

The Smart Meter Education Network is a non-partisan group dedicated to

  • educating citizens, legislators and activists about
    • the health and environmental impacts of smart and digital meters
    • the privacy, hacking and other concerns relating to such technology
  • ensuring that customers have the right to have an analog meter on their home or business
  • supporting meaningful legislation that will address these concerns
  • taking legal and community action to preserve health, privacy, and the environment
  • promoting safe alternatives to smart meters and AMI technology

All of these actions require money and volunteer effort. Please donate!! Your health is worth it. Call or email us to volunteer. See our What You Can Do page for more information on actions you can take.

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