Say NO to 'Smart' Prepaid Meters

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'Smart' Prepaid (Electricity, Water & Gas) Meters have HUGE HEALTH & SECURITY ISSUES … … as they are not so 'smart' after all, but rather dangerous !!
'Smart' Prepaid (Electricity, Water & Gas) Meters have HUGE HEALTH & SECURITY ISSUES … … as they are not so 'smart' after all, but rather dangerous !!

But THIS is exactly what NOBODY ELSE actually tells you.
However since you are allowed and need to KNOW THE FULL TRUTH, we have thought it LEGAL AND RIGHT to go out and just TELL IT ALL TO YOU !!!

Smart Meters and Net Metering devices which can cause 'Dirty Electricity' - especially the WIRELESS TYPE -
… are NOW also being sold and implemented in South Africa !!
T O X I N S, never mind how pretty wrapped up they are, still stay P O I S O N O U S !
- Well, certain Electro-Magnetic Fields are genotoxic and neurotoxic !!
- … and that is a PROVEN FACT !!
Did the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Environmental Affairs - our so called "CUSTODIANS of OUR HEALTH" tell you about THIS already?
NO, as they are far to scared to talk about the FACTS and the TRUTH.
- - - They will not even tell you the REAL TRUTH about Cancer, Chemotherapy and HIV/AIDS and many others - like Fluoridation, either!

USA, Canada and Europe, already have introduced these type of 'smart' and 'intelligent' Electricity Meters a while ago, and THE citizens of various towns are already suffering mild to SERIOUS HEALTH PROBLEMS with these new Electricity Meters.
We cannot WARN you enough about these PROBLEMS, which are REAL ISSUES and NOBODY here in South Africa even really CARES enough (except for us) to even inform you about these issues.

It is YOUR LEGAL RIGHT, to know all about it ! The pros and the cons !!
So, please bear with us and read through the INFORMATION provided for YOU, the citizens of South Africa, so that you are not hoodwinked, cheated and conned into something again, which you actually don't want, just because it has some 'added handy benefits' !!
- In the mentioned countries the citizens are already fighting the energy suppliers with court cases, to have their OLD (analogue) METERS REINSTALLED. Many cases have already been won by the public, however this costs MONEY, TIME and also your HEALTH. You actually first will have to prove that you are SICK, to get any action out of the courts.

Please read up the INFORMATION provided for you at:
… as well as our stand against the first mention of these meters to be rolled out in Pretoria, in REKORD (2012-11-02, page 5)

Hopefully THIS will HELP you in making an EDUCATED DECISION (your legal and democratic right) and to MAKE YOUR STAND against EXTORTION and INJUSTICE, from Government Institutions, who like to force everything down our throats - like the "Water Fluoridation" issue (for many many years) and the "e-Tolling Saga" and others !!!

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