GLOBAL BAN on Wi-Fi and Mobile Phones

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There is only one solution to the unprecedented problem of Global Poisoning as a result of the recent proliferation of Wireless Technology: An immediate GLOBAL BAN on all WIFI and MOBILE PHONES.

In part, the purpose of this page is to set the record straight with regard to the growing number of concerned people who have been lured into believing that a substance called "Orgonite" will solve this global catastrophe. So let's start with what know for sure and that is that non-ionizing pulsed microwave RF radiation from modern wireless devices is extremely harmful to humans and other life forms on Earth. There are some significant claims that "Orgonite" offers some reduction of some negative effects of this radiation, however many "electro-sensitives" claim no benefit or even an increase to the negative effects… finally no one can really say exactly what the effects of "Orgonite" truly are.

The only thing we can know with 100% certainty is that ALL the negative effects of this radiation can only cease when ALL the wireless antennae are switched OFF.

The human race is currently deeply infatuated and even addicted to wireless technology, and like with any addiction, the addict will subconsciously and unconsciously do almost ANYTHING to be allowed to continue in the compulsive behaviour… hence the current popularity of "Orgonite" as the "magic miracle solution" to this horrible problem. The Orgonite-believer feels no need to reduce or eliminate his/her exposure to or usage of wireless technology because he/she believes he/she is now "protected"… so in this way "Orgonite" is having the effect of making the total global problem ever more severe and a final solution ever more distant.

However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a sane and balanced use of "Orgonite" as a temporary supplement to a diligent personal program of EMR reduction and avoidance if one finds that having it around improves one's health condition. But let's not forget that the ONLY real solution is a Global Ban on Wireless Technology.

Why all the fuss about WIRELESS? …well, saying nothing of migrating birds crashing to the ground in flocks, migrating whales beaching themselves, and bees losing their way back to their hives… we also know that mobile phone and wifi radiation damages our DNA. Experts remind us that the disastrous effects of this DNA damage might not show up for 4 or 5 generations… so there is more than a lot at stake here and it is time to act before it is too late.

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