Asian Healing Arts Center

We treat patients who are EMF sensitive.

Asian Healing Arts Center
nr 396 Mu 7, B. Thamailung, Off Obkhan road,
T. Nampreh, A. Hangdong 50230, Chiangmai, Thailand.

ABET, Aromatherapy and Reiki Practitioner and Teacher (all levels)

We also have a guesthouse with internet access but no Wi-Fi.

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Contact : Cory Croymans <rf.oohay|retnecstragnilaehnaisa#rf.oohay|retnecstragnilaehnaisa>

Asian Bio-Energetics Therapy or ABET is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It is a surprising therapy, often amazing, sometimes incredible, even for us after more than 22 years of practice.
Various biological, genetic and emotional factors make up our energetic potential.
What we often forget is that our human body is like a machine which is influenced by subtle electrical impulses.
You can feel the body heat energy from another person or animal.
Your physical and psychic health as well as your general wellbeing depend largely on the free energy circulation in your body.

Our ABET treatment objectives are to :

Prevent physical or psychological problems by discovering and treating your pain or energy blockages ;
Personalise your treatments based on your actual energy status on that moment in time.
Activate your body’s own healing power which is especially useful when facing stressful situations which require the patient’s full participation like in cases of health problems, painful events, psychological situations.

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