Wi-Fi: The invisible destroyer of our health

WI-FI: the invisible destroyer of our health

EC Planet, January 9, 2014 (in Italian, Google translation)
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Radiation hazard Wi-Fi

What appears to be the main threat to our health is also of course what more is kept hidden from the media. A tour that more economic billionaire, linked to growth sectors in full telephony and wireless technology in general, it monopolizes the information, preventing it to be known to the masses a disturbing truth: exposure to microwave radiation at low level (Wi-Fi) is blown due to irreversible brain damage, cancer, birth defects, miscarriages, abnormal bone growth. And the segment of the population most at risk is ever from the children and women .

No wonder then that all this was well known and documented in the medical and scientific long before the Wi-Fi technology to spread, in all our homes, daily coming within the reach of children. The biological effects not only dangerous, but deadly of this technology have been cleverly kept hidden from the public in order to preserve the huge profits of companies and to subsidize the various pockets of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Carlo De Benedetti .

As demonstrated by Professor John Goldsmith, a consultant to the World Health Organization Epidemiology and Communication Sciences, exposure to microwave radiation from Wi-Fi has become the leading cause of miscarriages: even in 47.7% of cases exposure to this radiation, cases of miscarriage occurring within the seventh week of pregnancy . And the level of radiation incident on the women concerned started from 5µW/cm2 (five microwatts per square centimeter). This level may seem meaningless to a non-scientist, but it becomes more significant, however, if we say that is below what most students receive in a classroom equipped with Wi-Fi transmitters, from the age about five years old.

The figure even more alarming is that the absorption of microwaves in children can be ten times higher than adults, simply because the brain tissue and the bone marrow of a child have electrical conductivity properties different from those of adults because of the increased content of water . The low-level microwave exposure can induce permanent 'stress' chronic oxidative and nitrosative damage, and then the cellular mitochondria (mitocondriopatia). This 'stress' can cause irreversible damage to mitochondrial DNA (it is ten times more sensitive to oxidative stress and nitrosative DNA in the cell nucleus). Mitochondrial DNA can not be repaired because of its low content of histone proteins, and therefore any damage (genetic or otherwise) can be transmitted to all subsequent generations through the maternal line.

The World Health Organization has highlighted these risks in a 350-page document known as the "International Symposium Research Agreement No. 05-609-04" ("Biological effects and damage to health by microwave radiation - biological effects and health and the excess mortality from artificial radiation of microwave radio frequency "). Section 28 deals specifically with issues related to reproductive function. This document has been classified as 'Top Secret' and its contents hidden by WHO and ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection - International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection from).

From an excellent article by Barrie Trower published by the Italian edition of Nexus magazine, we learn what are the main risks for children exposed to the use of mobile phones and Wi-Fi technonology:

The irradiation of microwave at low levels influence the biological processes that affect foetal growth.

Not only that: the same biological processes are involved in:

  • Blood-brain barrier: is formed in 18 months and protects the brain from toxins. We know that is altered.
  • Myelin sheath: it takes 22 years for forming the 122 layers of which it is composed. It is responsible for all processes in the brain, muscle and organic.
  • Brain: It takes 20 years to develop (I assure you that cell phones do not help with that).
  • Immune system: it takes 18 years for it to develop. The bone marrow and bone density are known to be affected by microwaves at low levels as well as the white blood cells of the immune system.
  • Bones: It takes 28 years to complete development. As mentioned, the large content of water in children makes both the 'soft bones' that the spinal particularly attractive for the irradiation with microwaves. The bone marrow produces blood cells.

Clearly, those who decide for us are underestimating a pandemic of childhood diseases hitherto unknown in our 40,000 generations of civilization, which may involve more than one-half of the mothers / children irradiated in the world.

In light of these alarming figures and forecasts of many scientists according to which, if it continues at this pace the uncontrolled spread of Wi-Fi systems, by 2020 cancer and genetic mutations are spread throughout the world-wide pandemic , many countries are happily running for cover, launching laws that restrict children's use of mobile phones and removing from the classroom wireless devices.

The Russian National Committee for the NON-Ionizing Radiation Protection, in its own research paper entitled "Effects on the health of children and adolescents" highlighted in children exposed to this radiation:

85% increase in diseases of the Central Nervous System
36% increase of epilepsy
11% increase of mental retardation
82% increase in immune diseases and risk to the fetus.
And in 2002, 36,000 physicians and scientists from around the world have signed the '"Appeal of Freiburg." After ten years, the appeal has been relaunched and warns specifically against the use of Wi-Fi and irradiation of children, adolescents and pregnant women. What Freiburg is an international medical authoritative appeal in Italy unfortunately has been little listening.

So what to do?

How to protect ourselves, and especially our children, from this deadly invisible threat?

The site Tuttogreen has issued a useful handbook, consisting of ten practical tips that I report below:

  1. Do not use mobile phones to children, except in case of emergency. SMS tolerated, but it is better to reduce them also. In France, not surprisingly, has banned all advertising of mobile phones aimed at children under 14 years;
  2. Always use the earphones with cable (not wireless ones). Even the use of the speakerphone is recommended;
  3. In the presence of little or no network field, do not make calls. In these cases it will be necessary more radiant power, resulting in more radiation;
  4. Use your mobile phone as little as possible in the movement, such as by train and by car. The constant risk of decrease of the signal increases in these cases, the emission of radiation;
  5. Do not hold the phone to your ear or near the head during calls, when the radiation is strongest. Do it, if anything, after waiting for the answer;
  6. Do not hold the phone in your pants pocket, shirt pocket or jacket you wear;
  7. ear often change during the conversation, and most importantly, reduce the length of calls;
  8. Use as much as possible, when you can do it, not the fixed line access, or instant messaging tools such as Skype or similar;
  9. Do not ever fall asleep with the phone close to the head, such as using it as an alarm clock;
  10. Always choose models that have a low value of SAR (specific absorption rate of radiation).

An eleventh recommend it I would add: if you must use a cell phone to communicate with the world around you, avoid using smartphones. Are by far the most dangerous!

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