The Wi-Fi Genocide !!!

From all the available frequencies the WiFi frequency that was 'chosen' is at 2.4GHz (actually 2.45GHz) !!

Is it not astonishing that the Microwave Ovens are using the exact frequency of 2.45GHz to cook food?
The principle the Microwave Oven works on is to excite water molecules at that frequency to start cooking the food inside-out!
Taken the fact that humans exist of about of 75% water - the brains even more at about 80%, this is frightening to think what these Microwaves can actually do to your body!

Yet there is another newer frequency Wi-Fi is now using, which is between 5GHz and 6GHz.
All these frequencies bring problems with them, but especially the pulses, the data rate of the transmissions on the (above mentioned) carrier waves.

Anyone needing more details, please refer to Technical Data on Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Frequencies
Please carefully observe the Frequency Rance of Wi-Fi, which ranges from 2.4GHz ~ 2.5 GHz,
with the Centre Frequency being 2.45GHz, like your Microwave Oven.
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"The Wi-Fi Genocide"

… is for REAL !!!

Wi-Fi Radiation is Genocide

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