EMR Updates (2013-09-01 - 2013-09-10)

[EMFrefugee] EMR Updates: The Microwave Factor, September 1st - September 10th, 2013

EMR Updates: The Microwave Factor

The Newsletter of EMF Refugee, The International Coalition for an Electromagnetic Safe Planet (IC-ESP)

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(From denial to acceptance, from ignorance to awareness, from apathy to action, from selfishness to compassion.)
Who said there was no news out there on the ill effects of electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, cell towers, WiFi, and other forms of wireless?
September 1st - September 10th, 2013


  1. Readers Respond: How Wireless Affects Your Health
  2. Will There Be a Backlash Against Technology?
  3. Cell Phone Radiation Lawsuit News: Bernstein Liebhard LLP Applauds Groups’ Call for New Cell Phone Radiation Standards
  4. Letter from the American Academy of Pediatrics to the FCC Regarding Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation Standards
  5. Midrand residents to take Eskom to court
  6. CELL PHONE RADIATION Don’t ignore the alarm bells
  7. Sick of the cell phone? No way 7.
  8. Theodore Litovitz, a physics professor who understood biology
  9. 'Digital kids' spark new learning concerns
  10. Prevalence of Problematic Mobile Phone Use in British Adolescents
  11. Cellphones and Health
  12. Effects of electromagnetic radiation from a cellular phone on human sperm motility: an in vitro study
  13. Email from Dr. Magda Havas: EHS Children Forced from School
  14. Smart meter sparks fire?
  15. The /Effect of Electrosmog/ on Your Vibration
  16. Complementary Medicine – A Form Of EMF Protection?
  17. Understanding The "Health Risk of Google Glass EMF Emissions"
  18. Video:Heart and Pacemaker Disruption from Electricity "Smart" Meter
  19. Anti-Cell Tower Group Knocks One Out of the Park
  20. Barrie Trower 'WiFi Report' - Humanity At The Brink
  21. Winlaw parents win lobby for no Wi-Fi in school
  22. GSM, CDMA and LTE: A Guide to Mobile Network Standards
  23. In-vitro exposure of neuronal networks to the GSM-1800 signal
  24. Effects of electromagnetic fields emitted from W-CDMA-like mobile phones on sleep in humans
  25. Lawmakers question effort to evaluate Arundel school sites for cell towers
  26. Electromagnetic Radiation with Louis Slesin ECU #519
  27. Revelatory new film exposing surveillance & control (2013)
  28. Pennsylvania hospital starts first Internet detox program
  29. "Smart" Meter shipments to reach 100M mark
  30. Thrive and Take Back Your Power
  31. Practice Safe Social Media
  32. The eZombie at your table: Today's zombies prefer "smartphones" over "braaaiins"!
  33. Fukushima radiation leaks reach deadly new high
  34. C4ST Launches Public Health Campaign In Response to School Board's Continued Roll-Out of Wi-Fi in Schools
  35. Daily habits that cause cancer
  36. The effect of pulsed electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone on the levels of monoamine neurotransmitters in four different areas of rat brain
  37. iPad User Manual's Safety Warning and Disclaimer. Have You read it?
  38. After I saw this, I put down my Phone and didn’t pick it up for the Rest of the Day
  39. How is the industry responding to safety issues? - Frank Clegg, Canadians for Safe Technology, former CEO Microsoft Canada
  40. Peel public schools switch on to iPads, Wi-Fi learning
  41. Peel School District's BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy - A Case of Willful Ignorance at its Ugliest!
  42. September 3, 2013 ACTION ALERT: Tell Speaker Vos to reassign smart meter bill to proper committee

Facebook Depressing: New Study Confirms The Social Network

  1. Website Is A Massive Downer

44. Symptoms of /WiFi/ in Schools
45. Analysis of emotionality and locomotion in radio-frequency
electromagnetic radiation exposed rats.
46. 8 Ways Screens Are Ruining Your Family's Life
47. Health, Consumer Groups Call for New Cell Phone Radiation
48. Conversion of units

49. Juhi Chawla ups the ante against mobile radiation
50. California Activists Want Smart Meters Banned, Claim They're
Bad for Health
51. Ex-tech exec a champion of many causes
52. C4ST‘s Reply to Peel Region’s "Response to Commonly Asked
53. Electronic Devices Damaged By Kids Have Cost Families $2.8
Billion In 5 Years

54. Health, Consumer Groups Call for New Cell Phone Radiation
55. 10 Non-profits Call on FCC to Strengthen Cell Phone Radiation
56. Government plans devices for 24x7 monitoring of mobile tower
57. Internet Fasting Camps: Web Addiction Among Kids In Japan
Leads To Digital Detox Program

58. News Items Plus Update On Smart Meter Health Effects Law Suits
59. "Smart" Meter Class Action Lawsuit Against BC Hydro
60. Take Back Your Power film premiere
61. Ants can be used as bio-indicators to reveal biological
effects of electromagnetic waves from some wireless apparatus.
62. Million-dollar 'smart meter' ban proposed
63. Is Your Headache Caused by /Electro-Smog/?
— Please cross-reference with: EMF & Headaches
64. Lakeland fire sparks concerns about 'smart meters'
65. Power company tactics reduce anti-smart meter customers to
tears in rollout
66. Maine Voices: A scientific look at smart meters pokes holes in
CMP safety claims
67. Smart meter opponents called a ‘lynch mob,’ meter rep walks
68. Wi-Fi – A /Thalidomide/ in the Making. Who Cares?
69. Dr. Ronald Powell: “Smart Meters are a community concern”
Scientific Meeting
71. Ces malades des ondes électromagnétiques, qui "survivent"
72. Zone Blanche <http://prd34.blogspot.com/2013/09/zone-blanche.html>
73. Märta i EU-domstolen
74. National PTA wants study on telco towers in school
75. Smart Meters: Utility Break-in, Government Bribery and Your
Higher Bills
77. Modern day sleep ailment: 'sleep-texting'
78. Sleep problems could play role in childhood development
79. Melatonin no 'magic pill' for getting healthy kids to sleep
80. Camping helps reset sleep clock
81. Insomnia declared 'public health epidemic'
82. Have Cell-Phone Companies Become the Tobacco Industry of the
Twenty-First Century?
83. Death, Lies and Mutations: Proof the Military Knew All Along
About Microwave Radiation Dangers
84. New UC Berkeley eye clinic will target nearsightedness
85. Get Microwave Emitting Devices out of Schools
86. EMF Protection – The Truth About Chips, Diodes, Neutralizers,
Pendants, Amulets Etc.
87. LA schools begin providing iPads to students
88. Electrical Engineer Sues Power Company Over Smart Meter
89. Smart meter opponents called a ‘lynch mob,’ meter rep walks

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