PS/2 Mouse better than USB ?


I was having problems with my computer mouse hurting my hand. I could feel something coming from it up my fingers and it was curling my hand and making my knuckles hurt. I change to another one and it is somewhat better. I can feel the same thing from my laptop keyboard. Any clues to a good mouse I can use or alternative?


USB ports work off 5V and have a maximum current limit of 500mA (being 0.5A x 5V) = 2.5W max.
I would have to read up on the PS/2 ports first don't know it offhand !
Also see:

you do get Adapters, but these would be the other way round (from a PS/2 port to USB - connecting an USB mouse to a PS/2 port) - these came with almost every USB mouse when they got into the market, to be backwards compatible, unless you buy yourself an USB to PS/2 adaptor, which would have an USB plug and 2 PS/2 connectors one for a keyboard (purple) and a mouse (green).

PS/2 ports also have a 5V supply, but a 275mA current limit.
However I do not see that as the real problem, much rather the FREQUENCY that these devices are operation on.

►►► PS/2 interfaces work at a much lower frequency (10 to 16 kHz)!!
Serial data at 10 to 16 kHz with 1 stop bit, 1 start bit, 1 parity bit (odd), where as the USB version work at 12MHz (12000kHz) for USB 1.1 and up to 480MHz (480000kHz) for USB 2.0.
- The new USB 3.0 go up to 5GHz, or 5000000kHz, just to put this in perspective !!!

►►► I see THIS as the actual problems, not so much the Infrared LED.

However I would still advise people to use an Optical Mouse which is "shielded" enough not to have any visible or invisible IR light coming through the casing!

Also see:

Hope this helps. - Good luck !

I think that a Y-splitter cable with USB and 2x PS/2 connectors to connect a mouse and a keyboard would help in this respect, as it would lower the data rate quite a lot.

Here is a sample of such a cable
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