Ceccatelli, Ingvardsson and Garmager at Karolinska Institute, Sweden: Let Professor Johansson continue crucial work!

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(Orig.) Publ.Date: 2014-10-07
References SUPPORT for: Prof. Olle Johansson, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Why this is important to me

Sign this urgent petition and ask Karolinska to give back the work space allocated to Professor Olle Johansson so he can continue his extremely important EMF and EHS research.

The Karolinska Institute for the second time wants to reduce the space allocated to the brilliant Olle Johansson, Associate professor, The Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, in order to down-size his work.

Professor Olle Johansson’s scientific work is impeccable He possesses huge capacity, competence and brilliance as a world-renowned scientist and researcher into electromagnetic radiation (EMF/EMR) and its adverse health effects. He is helping millions of people world-wide. ( See as an example of his work, the recent scientific paper at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25205214 and a presentation at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mN1nl9GNpUU ).
And yet, Karolinska, the cradle of the Nobel Prize, wants to reduce his work space. Karolinska’s decision can therefore only be an acting on behalf of the obvious interests of the telecom industry to shut up one of the most truth seeking and incorruptible EMF/EMR researchers and critical voices in the world. Because Olle Johansson’s research documents without any doubt that the products of the telecom industry i.e. mobile phones and other Wi-Fi -based technology gadgets generating microwave radiation into the bodies of pregnant women, fetuses, baby’s, children, the young, old and sick are indeed disastrous to the health of mankind.
Sandra Ceccatelli (Department Chair ), Christina Ingvardsson (HR Administrator ), Åsa Garmager (Head of Administration ) - as apparently responsible for this decision, don’t you know what you are doing?!

EMF/EMR causes many very serious adverse health effects. One of them is EHS (Electro Hyper Sensitivity) which in Sweden is a fully recognized functional impairment and classified by the Nordic Ministers Council as a work-related symptom based diagnosis (lCD-10). Already in 1999, the Swedish authorities estimated that 3.1% of all Swedes -corresponding to 280.000 individuals suffered from EHS. In 2002, the Swedish Institute for Working Life estimated that 12.5 % of all Swedish electronics engineers suffered from EHS. In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that between 3-6 % of the populations in the world suffered from EHS and that these percentages are growing steadily. They correspond to between 291.000 – 582.000 Swedish and 187.000 - 357.000 Danish citizens that suffered from EHS in 2011. Today the percentages are even bigger. So how can the Karolinska Institute even consider reducingthe work area at The Karolinska Institute of the world’s most esteemed EHS researcher - Professor Olle Johansson?

A report written by Danish psychologist Eva Theilgaard Jacobsen in 2014 describes the charade that is going on concerning EMF/EMR research at both institutional, scientific and political levels where corruption prevails. Meanwhile institutions attempt to silence researchers who conduct true EMF/EMR research, who have no conflicts of interest and whose research documents the adverse health effects in many thousands of papers. One such researcher conducting true research is Professor Olle Johansson.

You can find the report at the homepage of the Danish Parliament (Folketinget): http://www.ft.dk/samling/20131/almdel/suu/bilag/362/1357683/index.htm

We request that the Karolinska Institute will not be part of this institutional corruption. We ask that Karolinska allows Professor Olle Johansson to continue conducting his research and work unhindered. . The attempt to reduce Professor Olle Johansson’s allocated space for his research at the Karolinska Institute is an unjustified act, which makes the shadow of Ignaz Semmelweis move again. It is a disaster for science as well as for people whose health is adversely affected by EMF/EMR among them the millions of EHS ill and impaired people all over the world.

Sign this urgent petition and ask Karolinska to give back the work space allocated to Professor Olle Johansson so he can continue his extremely important EMF and EHS research.

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