HALT the EMR NOISE POLLUTION harming Humans and Wildlife

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(Orig.) Publ.Date: 2014-04-01
References Petitioning President of the United States

Petitioning President of the United States



The Radio Frequency (mw radiation pollution) is a danger to all humans and wildlife exposed. There is no way to escape or defend against the 24/7 bioactive EMR radiation assault.

President of the United States
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
April 1, 2014

I am signing this petition because I am adversely affected by the Global AMI (automated metering infrastructure) for the following reason(s):
1. I hear the ongoing noise pollution 24/7 causing deleterious effects.
2. I am experiencing physical symptoms impacting my daily life and ability to function in my daily life. http://www.epa.gov/air/noise.html
3. and/or I do not want to be exposed to harmful, unhealthy, EMR (electro-magnetic radiation) pollution. I demand my government to halt these emissions immediately and mitigate the public Health hazard causing deliberate illness and increased mortality to humans and wildlife.

Over 20,000 studies prove the harm EMR (mw radiation) pollution causes, resulting in brain cancer, neurological and immunogenic conditions and many other illnesses and diseases.
Wi-Fi and cellular frequencies in the 915MHz and 2.4GHz spectrum are bioactive because of the signals constant pulsing. http://www.bioinitiative.org
The 217Hz is a transmitted demodulated pulsed signal used by cellular base stations for uninterrupted communication. This is utilized on the Global Automated Metering Infrastructure, (“Smart Grid”), to maintain the mesh communication layer. It is ubiquitous and turned on 24 hours a day. It is communicating during major power outages. It is always turned on. The audible buzz accompanied by an 8.4Hz resonates, reflects a drum-like drone and or rumbling resonance is acoustic. It accompanies the 217Hz. It is an uninterrupted, transmitted booster signal which communicates with the AMI network. It is also a demodulated pulsed signal used for wireless communication. A 217Hz has been identified by German Studies, as well as, expert analysis in the United States, to be the source of the constant hum heard in the environment. The signals are transmitting even during power outages. (http://archive.is/vSMuu). The constant noise is radiated via the electric power grid. The FCC concluded by an investigation that the power grid is a “line source” for the radiation pollution. That the power line is a line source also means that the line itself is a point source. The emissions radiates and has coupled onto the wires making it a carrier or a continuous antenna broadcasting the emissions into our environment. http://www.eiwellspring.org/plc/PLC_antenna_effect.htm
It is also a symptom of “Dirty Electricity” on the power grid. When the 60Hz sine wave is coupled with multiples of 60Hz it creates audible harmonics, frequency spikes, surges, flickering and high amps. Dairy farmers know, all too well, for their cattle die as a result of being shocked by ground currents. http://www.electricalpollution.com/intro.html
This is a Global hazard. It is appropriately termed “Smart Grid Syndrome”. The symptoms reported such as Migraine-like headaches, noise bleeds, pressure in the ears, muscles cramps, vertigo, body heating, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, ringing, hissing, high pitch whining in the ears, nervous tension, insomnia, fatigue, aggression, skin rashes, lack of concentration, are a result of low frequency noise and vibration (www.sandaura.wordpress.com), caused by the AMI (automated metering infrastructure) aka., "Global Smart Grid". It is the source of the Modern Day Hum and Drone. The utilities are using power-line carrier technology (2 way communication on the power lines), both wireless and fixed. The “turn on” recorded to be turned on in 2006. The technology is all part of the Global Modernization of the Grid or the AMI (automated metering infrastructure). The electric grid was not designed for 2 way communication or transmission. It creates a hostile environment in the form of interference and noise. http://www.eiwellspring.org/plc/PLC_antenna_effect.htm

The H.E.S.E. Report, UK project results reveal overwhelming link to EMR noise from wireless as the source of the harm to wildlife. On the use of magnets to disrupt the physiological compass of birds, (Physical Biology, 2006)
Research on the radical-pair theory of magnetic sensitivity; weak electromagnetic fields at appropriate frequencies in the radio frequency (RF) range should disrupt or change magnetic orientation behavior if the magnetic compass were based on radical pair reactions. Research now needs to look at the effects of base station signals, particularly in ….. GSM mobile phone systems produce a structural pulse frequency of 217Hz….

The timeline corroborates the year the Global Smart Grid Network “turned on” using power-line carrier technology and same year the public began to hear the “hum and drum-like drone or rumbling vibration. http://www.eiwellspring.org/plc/PLC_antenna_effect.htm
Power-Line communication and or Broadband over power-lines technology, historically, has proven to be a source of interference and noise. The FCC investigated Power-line communication systems in 2003-04 and found they exceeded radiation limits and served as a continuous antenna. The results demonstrate that residential power lines can radiate the frequencies of PLC signals into nearby households, even if they do not use any PLC service (i.e. smart meters, internet service, etc.). http://www.eiwellspring.org/plc/FCC_investigates_PLC.htm
The symptoms are similar to those experiencing the “Wind Turbine Syndrome”. The source is different, but the low frequency, noise and vibration produce the same effect. These effects plus the addition of symptoms from radiation bursts complicate the impact on human health.

The ongoing assault on humans and wildlife from the audible noise and radiation pollution caused by the Global AMI infrastructure is harming the population and wildlife, resulting in an unprecedented genocide.

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