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Petition (Title) Country Category Pub.Date References Website URL YouTube URL Current
Tell Congress: Stop the pesticide that is killing bees USA Environment 2013-08-01 Tell Congress: Stop the pesticide that is killing bees
Petitions against Smart Meter Rollout (South Africa) South Africa Health 2012-11-21 Environmental Health Issues & Human Rights Violations & Abuse
Tell Nestlé: Stop trying to patent a natural cure! - - Nigella sativa -- more commonly known as fennel flower Global Politics 2012-07-06 Patent Issues/Claims against NATURE !!
HALT the EMR NOISE POLLUTION harming Humans and Wildlife USA Health 2014-04-01 Petitioning President of the United States
DARPA Studies show EMR noise Confusing migratory Birds (Update) USA EMF 2014-05-16
Novia Scotia Resident sues over Cell Tower Radiation Exposures USA Health 2014-04-13 Edna Pettipas
Ceccatelli, Ingvardsson and Garmager at Karolinska Institute, Sweden: Let Professor Johansson continue crucial work! Sweden (and world wide) Health 2014-10-07 SUPPORT for: Prof. Olle Johansson, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
STOP exposing Children to Radiation from WiFi and 4G in Schools - until proven harmless !! EU (Europe) Health 2013-12-20 To: The members of the European Commission, European Parliament
IARC, WHO: Move Radio Frequency Radiation from Class 2b to Class 1 World-Wide Politics 2014-11-26 Please move Radio Frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from Class 2b "Possible Human Carcinogen" to Class 1, "Carcinogenic to Humans" now!
Reduce Disabling Wireless & EMFs ! USA & world-wide EMF 2014-04-19 Target: Local leaders and businesses
Daniel is facing 37 years in prison for selling a healing product called MMS. UK & World Health 2015-02-20 MMS on Trial
Private satellite companies: Stop Global Wi-Fi Global Global Issues 2015-03-24 Five companies are gearing up to provide high-speed global Wi-Fi coverage from Space
Halt the EMR Noise Pollution harming Humans & Wildlife USA EMF 2014-04-01 Letter to: U.S. House of Representatives U.S. Senate President of the United States
Sign petition today to keep MCS/EHS mom with her children - Planet Thrive, 15th April 2015 USA Politics 2015-04-15
Health Professions Council of South Africa: Support Prof Tim Noakes in his quest to improve eating guidelines South Africa Health 2015-05-01
Petition: Inquiry for Murder of Aboriginal Women of Canada Canada Legal Matters 2014-09-06 Police seeking cell phone records to solve mystery of Cree woman's Toronto condo death - APTN National News
End Covert Electronic Harassment Global Politics 2015-07-16
STOP new Cell Tower Construction in Ile Bizard, Quebec, Canada Canada < Please select > 2015-01-15 Petitioning Normand Marinacci Borough mayor L’Île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève;utm_source=share_for_starters&amp;utm_medium=copyLink

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