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Petition (Title) Country Category Pub.Date References Website URL YouTube URL Current
STOP new Cell Tower Construction in Ile Bizard, Quebec, Canada Canada < Please select > 2015-01-15 Petitioning Normand Marinacci Borough mayor L’Île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève;utm_source=share_for_starters&amp;utm_medium=copyLink
End Covert Electronic Harassment Global Politics 2015-07-16
Petition: Inquiry for Murder of Aboriginal Women of Canada Canada Legal Matters 2014-09-06 Police seeking cell phone records to solve mystery of Cree woman's Toronto condo death - APTN National News
Health Professions Council of South Africa: Support Prof Tim Noakes in his quest to improve eating guidelines South Africa Health 2015-05-01
Sign petition today to keep MCS/EHS mom with her children - Planet Thrive, 15th April 2015 USA Politics 2015-04-15
Halt the EMR Noise Pollution harming Humans & Wildlife USA EMF 2014-04-01 Letter to: U.S. House of Representatives U.S. Senate President of the United States
Private satellite companies: Stop Global Wi-Fi Global Global Issues 2015-03-24 Five companies are gearing up to provide high-speed global Wi-Fi coverage from Space
Daniel is facing 37 years in prison for selling a healing product called MMS. UK & World Health 2015-02-20 MMS on Trial
Reduce Disabling Wireless & EMFs ! USA & world-wide EMF 2014-04-19 Target: Local leaders and businesses
IARC, WHO: Move Radio Frequency Radiation from Class 2b to Class 1 World-Wide Politics 2014-11-26 Please move Radio Frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from Class 2b "Possible Human Carcinogen" to Class 1, "Carcinogenic to Humans" now!
STOP exposing Children to Radiation from WiFi and 4G in Schools - until proven harmless !! EU (Europe) Health 2013-12-20 To: The members of the European Commission, European Parliament
Ceccatelli, Ingvardsson and Garmager at Karolinska Institute, Sweden: Let Professor Johansson continue crucial work! Sweden (and world wide) Health 2014-10-07 SUPPORT for: Prof. Olle Johansson, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Novia Scotia Resident sues over Cell Tower Radiation Exposures USA Health 2014-04-13 Edna Pettipas
DARPA Studies show EMR noise Confusing migratory Birds (Update) USA EMF 2014-05-16;utm_source=petition_update&amp;utm_medium=email&amp;utm_campaign=petition_update_email
HALT the EMR NOISE POLLUTION harming Humans and Wildlife USA Health 2014-04-01 Petitioning President of the United States
Tell Nestlé: Stop trying to patent a natural cure! - - Nigella sativa -- more commonly known as fennel flower Global Politics 2012-07-06 Patent Issues/Claims against NATURE !!;rd=1&amp;sub=fwd&amp;t=3
Petitions against Smart Meter Rollout (South Africa) South Africa Health 2012-11-21 Environmental Health Issues & Human Rights Violations & Abuse
Tell Congress: Stop the pesticide that is killing bees USA Environment 2013-08-01 Tell Congress: Stop the pesticide that is killing bees;source=fb_share_sp

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