International Liability about Nuclear and Electromagnetic Radiation (Thesis)

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(Orig.) Publ.Date: 2015
References Ailia Aqeel Abdulhussein
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International Liability about Nuclear and Electromagnetic Radiation

A Thesis
Submitted to the Council of the College of Law/University of Kufa
In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master Degree in Public Law

Ailia Aqeel Abdulhussein

Supervised by

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Obeis Al-Fatlawi

2015 A.D. 1437 A.H.


The international liability used to be imposed on the countries as a result of their violation of an international commitment. But after the development of the international system and the appearance of the international and regional organizations, and considering it as a part of the international law, the concept of liability expanded in its attribution and the base. The international liability is used even when a person performs a legal action due to the awareness of the international societies of the importance of protecting the common heritage, the environment.

The nuclear and electromagnetic cause cross boarder damages and have long-term harmful results which cannot be treated instantly. It is necessary to be safe than attempting to find solutions to the negative effects resulting from using the radiations whether the safe or unsafe usage.
International laws were devised for organizing the use of nuclear and electromagnetic radiations and established international, regional and local bodies for that purpose. Since the discovery of the radiations and till this time there have been eager attempts exerted by the countries to exploit the vast energy resulting from the emission of the rays from its various sources. Its first use was the unsafe usage to gain invincible military destructive power and the political powers at that time spent huge amounts of money for that purpose.

Many researches and experiments were conducted to reach the highest level of energy. While the electromagnetic radiations were included within the priorities of these researches and scientific studies. After the Austrian Croatian scientist Nickola Tesla attempted to provide the globe with free electric power but the project was employed as a tool for changing the climate owned by large countries like Russia that is named woodpecker. The same is owned by the US and named it HAARP which is the main reason behind the global warming as it warms the ionosphere layer and makes it reflect the warming gases and prevents it from leaving the atmosphere. Many international laws were devised as a legal cover for that weapon. Based on that, it is important to preserve international peace through imposing international liability based on the damage caused. Moreover, new international laws should take into consideration the radial pollution in which the creatures live.

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