HARD EVIDENCE of a much higher radiation with 4G/LTE compared to 3G !!

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(Orig.) Publ.Date: 2013-01-25
References Study of mobile operators is: LTE massively increases the radiation exposure
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Study of mobile operators is: LTE massively increases the radiation exposure

Friday 25 January 2013

Criticism of the interpretation of the LTE mobile-study - Consumer Protection +++ Organization diagnostic radio expects more than doubling the radiation exposure

As pure whitewash criticized the consumer protection organization diagnostic Funk eV, the message of IZMF, the PR agency of the mobile operators, that by the construction of the new LTE mobile networks, the radiation exposure would only increase "low-level" is. After IZMF opinion, the radiation exposure has increased by 40% on average. And, although the sites examined, with one exception, only one of the four network operators have LTE system was in operation. "If only all operators have built their LTE networks, we expect on average a doubling of radiation exposure," said Joern Gutbier, CEO of diagnostic radio.

The IZMF report clearly shows that 20 of the 91 measurement points showed a radiation dose of more than 10 mW / m². Of these, some with extreme values, eg 88 mW / m² and 210 mW / m² in the upper floors of the Ministry of Science in Stuttgart or 456 mW / m in an apartment in Jena. International expert committees, the Austrian Medical and Commerce, call 1mW/m2 as the limit of the load.

The mobile operators also conceal that LTE was developed without a single study of the effects on the environment and health, the consumer advocate. Even the federal government confirmed this in the printed matter 17/1709: "The Federal Government has no concrete studies to LTE before." And even the Federal Office for Radiation Protection "Further research is needed on the possible effects on children (.) And in the long-term effect." Sees in LTE

"It could be confirmed through studies that children are still at risk, and long-term effects could be seen. Nevertheless, the population is exposed to an uncontrolled field trial with ever-increasing radiation exposure," criticized Gutbier.

According to the state of international knowledge, so Gutbier further, the limits are far too high and "in every respect protection unfit". This is again impressively by the second report of the group of scientists, BioInitiative ', which demonstrates the auswertete 1,800 current studies on the subject. They also call for a limit of 1 mW / m².

In this sense, diagnostic radio calls for a policy of enlightenment and radiation minimization. "An effective policy is possible without sacrificing a good and comprehensive mobile coverage," says Gutbier and points to a new release of diagnostic radio "The Future of Mobile Communications: Mobile-risk and communicate." "In any case we do not need 12 parallel operating mobile networks. These energetic, radio-technical and economic nonsense without equal," said Gutbier should actually recognize every politician and no longer accept.

For measurement Opinion of IZMF and political backgrounds diagnostic radio has prepared a report on http://www.diagnose-funk.org/aktuell/brennpunkt/lte-erhoeht-massiv-die-strahlenbelastung.php > set.

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