Heart Attack

EMF and RF can cause Palpitations and even Heart Attacks !

WiFi exposure is being linked to many illnesses as it affects so many biological systems. Many of the effects take place downstream - - they affect protein production in the brain - - 143 proteins. It affects cell communication. It affects to removal of waste from cells so there is a build up of cellular waste that causes many problems. It affects immune function which can cause many different problems depending on the person and their other health issues. It is being linked to Alzheimer's, autism, headaches, other neurological issues, MS, chronic fatigue and the list goes on and on. Diabetes and thyroid dysfunction is also linked to wireless radiation. Hair loss and loss of skin elasticity is also linked to this type of radiation exposures. Thousands, even hundreds of thousands are affected in some way by this exposure—yet they remain in denial or oblivious to the cause. Too bad they don't actually research it and find the truth.

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