"Smart" Meters

"Smart" Meters are working in conjunction with "Smart" Devices (or should), in a way also similar to the workings of Wi-Fi enabled devices, as these are actually super imposing high frequency signals on top of the wiring of the house, causing the so called "Dirty Electricity".
There is no SAVING of ELECTRICITY, whatsoever - like the Electricity Companies, City Councils and other Government Entities are trying to tell you, an electricity meter cannot save you any electricity, but only measure how much is consumed (and also consumes some electricity by itself, too!) - if they do tell you it saves electricity they are LYING !!

The only thing a "Smart" Meter will so it will "smartly" (which is up for discussion - HOW smartly that is!) least certain electricity consumers (devices) switch ON or OFF.
Let's say there is a shortage on electricity, then the electricity company can send a RF signal to your "Smart" Meter, telling that high power consumers are not allowed to operate at this time.
This will have to effect, that your geyser and heaters might switch off immediately and also your washing machine and tumble dryer, perhaps even the freezers and deep freezers and stove, too - who knows!
It can also happen, that you put dirty clothes into your washing machine, but it does not want to start up, as it has a BLOCK to only start working when the Electricity company has enough electricity available, so it would have to wait until that time.

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Published on 25 Apr 2013

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