EMR Updates: The Microwave #Factor Newsletter (2015-08-10)

EMR Updates: The Microwave Factor

The Newsletter of EMF Refugee, The International Coalition for an Electromagnetic Safe Planet (IC-ESP)

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(From denial to acceptance, from ignorance to awareness, from apathy to action, from selfishness to compassion.)

Who said there was no news out there on the ill effects of electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, cell towers, WiFi, and other forms of wireless?

August 1st - August 10th, 2015

  1. STUK in Finland: How trustworthy is information on smart phones and… nuclear power plants…
  2. Question from Karl Riley to scientists and other EMF experts on uility EMF trespass
  3. NEW MEXICO - My Turn: ‘We do not need an outside predator to tell us what we need’ - The Taos News, 26th July 2015
  4. Why modern life is making dementia in your 40s more likely
  5. Phone-obsessed parents are causing a mental health epidemic in children, researchers suggest
  6. Victory in 16-month Standoff as PSREC Drops Fees and Restores Electric Service
  7. Ashland woman headed to State House to talk Wi-Fi safety
  8. Yes the Children Are More Exposed to Radiofrequency Energy From Mobile Telephones Than Adults
  9. Living life cursed by technology
  10. Massachusetts State House Briefing: World Class Health Experts Discuss Public’s Right to Know About Cell Phone Safety
  11. Harvard and Yale Constitutional Law Experts Defend Cell Phone “Right to Know” Ordinance Against Industry Law Suit
  12. Close to Home | It Can Wait
  13. Genetic Damage in Humans Exposed to Cell Tower Radiation
  14. Turning off the wireless component of a Router
  15. Obituary - Karen Nold, EMF Victim and Educator
  16. Parliamentary committee urges DoT for regulations of mobile towers
  17. Four attacks on mobile phone centres, towers shake up Srinagar
  18. Petition to recognize electromagnetic sensitivity as a disability
  19. Radio towers would put public's health at risk
  20. Is Wi-Fi in Schools Safe?
  21. Cell Tower at Wheaton High School
  22. State Parliament of South Tyrol Applying the Precautionary Principle
  23. Arizona Bridge to Independent Living ("ABIL") authorizes environmental policy to be followed by staff and clients/consumers to their facilities and events.
  24. Cell phone use is associated with erectile dysfunction: Pilot study
  25. Urgent appeal to activists: Need help contacting RI Governor's Comm. on Disabilities
  26. Thousands diagnosed with brain tumors last year (but only about half are reported)
  27. Real versus Simulated Mobile Phone Exposures in Experimental Studies
  28. SCENIHR's Procrustean Approach exposed!
  29. People's Initiative Newsletter July
  30. Berkeley Sued Over Mandatory Cellphone Radiation Warning
  31. Association between vestibular schwannomas and mobile phone use
  32. Safety of smart meters questioned
  33. Influence of electromagnetic field (1800 MHz) on lipid peroxidation in brain, blood, liver and kidney in rats
  34. New Study Finds Link Between Cell Phones And Cancer

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"The Autonomic system is affected by microwaves of the centimeter wave length band. These waves affect circulation, respiration, temperature control, water balance, albumin and sugar concentration in the cerebro-spinal fluid, hydrogen ion concentration, EEG, GSR, sleep, conscious awareness, etc." - W. Bergman (The Effect of Microwaves on the Central Nervous System)

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