Carsten Häublein (Priest)

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Illness Suicide
Date: (if known) 2013-02-21
passed away Yes
Company Clergy
Industry Church
Country Germany
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In Memoriam of Father Carsten Häublein



On February 14th, 2014 a day dedicated to love, I got a heartbreaking message which reflects most the unloving nature of our society. I was informed that my friend, Carsten Häublein, a German priest who suffered from EHS for 10 years, could no longer take the pain of the ‘Fire’ 4G LTE, which burned inside his head, and he committed suicide.


My sadness was profound and on that same day I wrote a post but I did not publish it. His death was too overwhelming and I needed more time to digest it and understand what it meant for me, what impact should it have on my life and what his death says about the world and society when priests commit suicide.
Carsten first contacted me 10 months before he committed suicide and we kept in touch and had long conversations, he even spoke Hebrew. He worked tirelessly to help hundreds of people who suffer from EHS while trying to survive himself and living in inhumane conditions in his car in the woods.

In memoriam Rev. Carsten Häublein


ES-UK expresses sympathy to the relatives and friends of retired Pastor Carsten Häublein, born
August 1957, died February 2013. Werner Funk and Suzanne Sohmer, with help from Dr. Waldmann-Selsam, report with great sadness that he could no longer endure the increase in high-frequency LTE (4G) torture and, no longer himself, ended his life. “We are stunned, shocked and paralyzed.” In 2006, when the transmission facilities were upgraded in Oberammergau, he could not sleep any more and
suffered hellish torments in different places, and slept in a radiation-free forest. The press reported the precarious health situation of
many residents in Oberammergau.
In 2009, after a long search, he finally found a healthy place to live in Schleswig-Holstein. He placed his hopes on this, moving
to a small house and finally being able to live symptom-free.
“The ‘luck’ did not last long: from July 2012 his health worsened dramatically when LTE (4G fast wireless internet access) came into operation. The intolerable situation came to a head - and we could not help.” He felt powerless to stop the devastating feeling of “roaring, banging and hissing in the head” and he complained desperately because his “whole body vibrated”. Additional shielding
brought only limited relief. He finally saw no other way of relief. How desperate he must have been and in how much agony to escape the
unbearable torture in this way.
“Such shocking acts of desperation touch loved ones, relatives, friends and neighbours. But from the perspective of political leaders
and the mobile phone operators, suffering in this diabolical way ‘disappears’ from the surface of this world and business can continue
as usual. The deceased’s closest relatives specifically ask that not only this news is forwarded, but also that his obituary expresses the
tremendous human tragedy which happened here: Pastor Häublein has become a victim of this 4G technology.”

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