EMF/MW/RF Health Problems & Deaths (Index)

People who have been damaged by EMFs or have already passed on !

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Pos. Name Illness Date Died Company Industry/Work Country Reference
1 Ian Phillips (44) Brain Cancer 2016-05-20 Yes Rugby Player Communications & Wireless UK Business executive who claimed spending six hours a day on his mobile gave him brain cancer dies aged 44
2 Carsten Häublein (Priest) Suicide 2013-02-21 Yes Clergy Church Germany
3 Brittany Maynard Brain Cancer => death-with-dignity (not Suicide) 2014-11-01 (29) Yes private ? USA Brittany Maynard, right-to-die advocate, ends her life (No EMF mentioned anywhere, but a high possibility of Geopathic Stress!)
4 Michael Nield EHS => Suicide 2012-06-03 Yes Violinist, a gifted musician Violinist / Musician UK ‘Zapping in head’ from mobiles led son to kill himself
5 60 Orange Employees commit Suicide (France) Suicide 2009 - 2014 Yes Orange Communications & Wireless France Bad Management and/or EMF? - Orange Employees commit Suicide: 35 (2009), 10 (2014)
6 Matti Niemelä Multiple Sclerosis (MS) ? No Nokia Communications & Wireless Finland Former Nokia CTO’s multiple sclerosis and… Nokia’s patents to prevent it?
7 Paul Raines Cancerous Brain Tumour 2014-09-19 No GameStop Corp. Video Game Retailer USA CEO
8 Mark Hart Malignant Brain Tumour 2003 Yes ? Communications & Wireless USA Head of international cell phone sales
9 Alan Knott-Craig (Sen) 1) 2nd Heart Attack, 2) Mild Stroke No 1) Vodacom, 2) Cell C Communications & Wireless South Africa CEO
10 Dr. Robert C. Kane Brain Tumour Yes Motorola Wireless Communications USA Senior Engineer
11 Steve Jobbs Pancreatic Cancer 2011-10-05 Yes Apple Computer & Wireless Communication USA CEO Apple
12 Gro Harlem Brundtland (former head WHO) Electrosensitivity EHS 2002-07-02 No World Health Organisation Medical Industrial Establishment EU, Oslo https://docs.google.com/document/d/133YWdYKojGiBKr6hwTTnnz0yaVUnRnkeXUiRHNW3xIU/edit?pli=1
13 Michael von Clemm Brain Cancer Yes Banker, close friend of Richard Branson Finance UK https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_von_Clemm
14 Lebron James (basketballer) Cancer, salivary gland tumor No Cleveland Cavaliers NBA USA
15 Adam Yauch (Beastie Boys) Cancer Yes The Beastie Boys Music, Musical Band USA
16 Beau Biden (son of Vice Pres Biden) Cancer, Ipsilateral Tumour Behind Ear No Delaware attorney general US Government USA

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