No More Conferences For Me...

Posted on 05 Oct 2014 16:53








"I have attended my last conference unless it is related to EMF/EHS which should be a tolerable environment. Things are much worse now than even two years ago. I spent much of my time dodging people using their smartphones. Why do they go to a seminar and spend all of their time pecking and admiring what's on their mobile device(s) thus not comprehending a damn thing the speaker is saying? Even when I go to remote corners of a room, I attract these people who want to sit down next to me. Some folks have two devices which is becoming more and more a common occurrence. If you wish to ask a question of the speaker, the microphone is wireless and puts out a whopping large RF signal (as I measured it). The receiving end is an A/V person with equipmentsitting on the side of the room so I avoid that area. A crazy mis-informed society in which we live!"

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