Wi-Fi in Homes

Wi-Fi in the Home is a very critical problem, are you really believing all the BRAINWASHING by the Industry on CONVENIENCE and The Liberation from the Clutter of Wires and being able to go on the Internet from where ever you are in your home & garden?
Think again !!! - You might be in for a really big surprise - if you have to pay that bill with your own HEALTH !!

- The Wireless Industry and most Governments are covering up the real TRUTH about Microwave Radiation, big time, because it brings them Billions of Profits and Taxes !

Please do your very own investigations and research, before it is too late.
EHS is not child's play, and no psychological condition, but a real physical problem.

Radiation Exposure:

Even if your Neighbour is installing Wi-Fi, you are at immediate Danger of Microwave Radiation Exposure, which might be a criminal offence very soon, as it is forbidden to cause harm to people - knowingly and unknowingly !

Electromagnetic Radiation is a TOXIN, just like Fluoride or Lead !

  • Electromagnetic Radiation is neurotoxic - a Nerve Toxin
  • Electromagnetic Radiation id genotoxic - DNA Disruptor

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