3G is the 3rd Generation Cell Phone Technology

3G is the 3rd Generation Cellphone Technology:

The cellphone service providers, when squeezed in a corner, tell you:
"In actual fact, the antennae and frequency of equipment are the same as 3G equipment already in operation."
- As this might be true, the CARRIER FREQUENCY (800/900/1600/1800/1900/2100/2500 MHz) might be the same - what they do not tell you is that the MODULATION FREQUENCY is much higher, how else would they ever reach such a high through-put anyway?

Please check-out the difference between a GSM (DTMA) and 3G UMTS (CDMA) signal. There will be an even greater difference (and health impact) from 2G to the 3G transmission signal.


The actual problem hurting all living cells are the sharp the rising and falling edges of the signal. The CHANGE in LEVEL, is the actual problem.

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It is in fact this higher pulsed modulated frequency that is causing the problems in the environment.
If you don't believe me, please refer to SAR Values and compare an ordinary cellphone using 2G to the same type cellphone using 2G and you will see that there is a DIFFERENCE in the SAR Values and hence also the RADIATION.
- Is this just another evidence, where we can directly see that the industry is still lying to us all?


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