The FACTS are on the Cards ...

Time to WAKE-UP !!

The prize-crowned documentary "RESONANCE - Beings of Frequency",

brings up many FACTS, of which I have been aware since the last 20 years or so and teaching my patients and clients, medics and the public at large, but it takes a long time to get the information through …
This documentary however does an excellent job in summarizing about 60 years of intensive research work - around the globe, compressing it into only 90 MINUTES of your time - now you would just have to GO OUT and WATCH this REVELATION !!

Albert Einstein once said: "When the bees are gone the human race has about 2 YEARS left !"
- I does not look good at all!

The topic of the bees:

See what the research has shown from 14:30 ~ 21:30 minutes !!

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